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ESLR 4: Students were required to "demonstrate the ability to summarize and generalize data, information and ideas" by presenting the ideas  in Fahrenheit 451 in video form. Many of them also ended up stating how we can prevent becoming a society like that in 451. This fits into the ESLR component, "Students express an awareness of and desire to become active and informed members of the local, state, national and international communities"

We are taking a leap into the unknown this week. We are creating our first set of RSA Videos! Not sure what this means? 

On Tuesday, after taking a chapter 1 quiz we watched an RSA video taken from a Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk entitled, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?". We discussed this genre of film making.(See the assignment sheet for a description of this genre) 

On Wednesday, we viewed a middle school RSA video about the Louisiana Purchase. Then, we started by reading the prompt that will guide our RSA Videos. We dissected this prompt in terms of recapitulation, invitation, and stipulation. (Note, since this is a new project the stipulations are limited! We will discover them as we go!) Then, we used a staircase with 10 steps to brainstorm the "steps" that took this society from thinking, questioning, and engaging to becoming complacent.

On Thursday, we engaged in quote analysis to brainstorm visual images that would demonstrate what the text tells us.

 On Friday, artists practiced their sketches while their groups wrote and practiced their scripts. The best part of today was watching each group develop their own process. Some groups took the Google Chromebooks right up to the white board as their artists worked. Other groups, scripted and then sketched. A few groups filmed today!


 On Monday we filmed. the next thing I knew, students edited, narrated, and posted them online!

Example Script