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Images are a key ingredient to most multimedia projects and believe it or not simply going to Google Images and grabbing your favorite picture will likely be a copy-right violation.  The links below will take you to websites where you can find images that are in the Public Domain or are Creative Commons licensed.  For the work you plan on using please make sure you check the license.

 Tool  Description  Cost
Creative Commons SearchUse the Creative Commons Search to find images (and other content) from a variety of websites that you can legally use in your projects.  This is a page you should consider bookmarking. Free
Flickr Flickr is an online photo sharing site.  Photographers from all over the world post photos and many of them use Creative Commons licensing for their work, allowing images to be legally used in other projects.  To learn more about Creative Commons and Flickr please check out this page and to search for images you can use navigate to the Flicker Advanced Search page, scroll to the bottom and check the Creative Commons boxes as part of your search.

Library of CongressThe Library of Congress website contains hundreds of scanned historical artifiacts, including images.  The LOC Digital Collections are also worth exploring for pre-curated content and the Prints & Photographs page will narrow you down directly to images. Free
MorgueFileMorgueFile contains hundreds of high resolution stock photos for illustration, comp,or design needs .  Many MorgueFile photos also make great presentation backgrounds.  They also have a Morgue File Classroom for developing your own photography skills. Free
NASA GalleriesNASA maintains multiple galleries that are valuable sites for finding scientific images including Great Images in NASA, NASA Multimedia Image Gallery, Visible Earth (great gallery of Earth-related images), and NASA Solar System Multimedia. Free    
US Government Photos & Images An online portal for finding images that are in the public domain or are US Government works that can be used without permission or fees.  Free