Science Fair Report

Science Fair Report Requirements:

Style Notes: The total report is about four pages of writing. Please type in size 12pt and double space your report in Google docs for easy sharing with your teacher. Add a title page and subheadings for each of the parts (Introduction, Methods, Results, etc.). Make sure to have a parent or trusted friend edit it for understanding and proper grammar, spelling, punctuation.

a.       Introduction (about 1-2 pages in length) that includes:     

 i.      Question to be tested

 ii.      Your hypothesis 

iii.      What are you trying to find out? (The purpose of your experiment.)

iv.      Why did you pick your topic? Why did this interest you?

 v.      Background researched facts about the main science topic. You should be a science “expert” on this topic! This is the place to show what you have learned before you run your own tests!

b.       Methods (about 1/2 page):  Detailed lists of materials used and steps followed to complete the experiments.

c.        Results (written part about 1/2 a page plus charts and graphs): Qualitative observations (descriptions of what you see using descriptive paragraphs) and quantitative data (numbers/measurements of findings shown in charts and graphs).

d.       Discussion (about 1 page) that includes:

  i.      What did you learn?

 ii.      Was your hypothesis right or wrong? Why?

iii.      What parts of your methods had to be adjusted once you started?

iv.       What was the best part about doing your project?

v.      What things would you change if you were going to do this again?

 vi.      How does your project relate to real world problems or situations?

e.        Bibliography/Works Cited:  Must have at least three sources for background information. If your project idea came from an online source such as Science Buddies, please make sure to site it properly!  Tip: You can use's MLA format.

f.       *Project Abstract (summary): "An abstract is an abbreviated version of your science fair project final report. . . . It is limited to a maximum of 250 words. The science fair project abstract appears at the beginning of the report as well as on your display board." (from Science Buddies, This part will be given to the judges in advance and should be put in the front of your report (although it's easiest to write it after the rest of your report is complete).