Map the Dance

During the Holiday Tapestry performance you will see many different costumes and dances from all over the world.  This activity is designed to introduce students to the countries that are represented in the performance.  You can share the Seven Continents video below to introduce or refresh student's memories on the names and locations of the seven continents. For more detailed information on the different countries visit the "Countries of the World" section of the website and check out the individual countries.

Seven Continents Song

 Mapping Activity:  For this activity, the name of the dance and the country of origin are given and students are asked to fill in the continent.  (click here for worksheet) Next, students are asked to find and color the country on a map.  They will need a copy of a reproducible labeled world map that they can color.  You may use this one, if you don't have one you like to use.  It would also be helpful if students had access to an atlas, large map, or globe that they could use for reference.  The Countries of the World tab has a Google map that is interactive.  Students can zoom in on the map to see details of different countries, and zoom out to see the country's location in relation to the rest of the world.

Students can also use the internet link provided to the CIA World Factbook, World Atlas, or any other resources available to help them locate the various countries on a map.

To extend this activity, divide students into groups to research the countries on the list.  Focus on specific topics such as foods, music, clothing/costumes, cultural/national holidays, arts/entertainment.  Students can click on the maps on the individual country pages (or click here) to visit the World Atlas website to do their research.  Discuss the similarities and differences between these cultures and our own.  If students have access to computers and the internet, a class slideshow could be created to showcase what was learned.