Here you will find information and activities to enhance your Holiday Tapestry field trip experience.  Holiday Tapestry is Galena Street East's annual December production.  Our theme this year is "Passport to the Holidays." The purpose of Holiday Tapestry is to educate and entertain audiences with dances and songs from around the world.  During the performance you will travel around the world and experience different cultures through costumes, music and dance.  Our "Passport to the Holidays" will take audiences to a variety of foreign countries to visit various time periods and cultural events in search of the perfect Holiday.  Click here for a program that you can copy for your students.  International numbers are noted, with their country of origin listed.  There is also space available for students to take notes on the costumes, staging and choreography.  

Visit the "Map the Dance" tab for a world geography activity related to the countries and continents connected with Holiday Tapestry. Next you can learn more about the individual countries by clicking on the "Countries of the World" tab.  There you will find videos, activities, and photographs specific to each of the different countries represented in our show.  Visit the Christmas Truce tab to learn more about the historical events behind the lyrics of "Belleau Wood." Finally, you can participate in our show by taking part in our Interactive Jingle Bells or learning the sign language for "Care For One Another" so your students can sign along with our performers during the show.  If you are involved in Boy Scouts, check out the Scout tab to see how Holiday Tapestry can help fulfill some rank and badge requirements.

We hope you enjoy exploring our world and its cultures with Galena Street East!

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