Lauren- Period 4

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  1. Describe the game that you created. What was challenging for you during the design phase? The game I created took place in and out doors and has many levels that get harder as the player is further into the levels. The game that I created was called War, and it was about Pènèlope, a 20 year old girl, who enlists in the army and is accepted. She is trained and then fights but gets captured, escapes and celebrates her arrival with people back home. The most challenging part of the design phase was deciding what background I was going to use, how I should place the different blocks, and how the level should look and feel. I was also limited on the types of blocks, avatars, and enemies so that made the process of making my ideas on paper come to life much more difficult than expected. 
  2. Describe your design process as you moved from one level to the next. I wanted my levels to tell a story. The first level she tells her mom she joined the army, second level she goes through training, third level she goes through war, forth level she is captured, and the fifth level was when she celebrates her arrival with friends and family. Each of the backgrounds of each level were represented by the time of day and the level itself. One took place in the dark and that was to make it more 'challenging' if you were in the game.
  3. How did you use various components (avatars, blocks, enemies) to vary play from level to level? In some levels I was trying to convey a mood such as scary or happy and enjoyable. I used the sharp red blocks for the creepy levels and used the grass and fluffy clouds for the happy games. The avatar in some levels were changed due to the platform or top down settings. One had a suit and the other was her without the suit. The enemies changed as well. In one level the enemies looked insane, some looked harmless, and in others they looked brutal and mean.
  4. How did the levels balance degrees of challenge and fun? Two of my games were very challenging and the rest were a difficulty of medium. I balanced the fun and challenge of the game by making you want to retry the game until you succeed. I also put in a timer in a few levels so there was pressure on the player to finish in time. I made sure that the levels were not easy but not challenging to the point where you would want to quit early on in the game.
  5. What feedback, if any, did you receive from your playtesters? The feedback I got was very positive and only from one person. The person who played my game said that it was detailed and challenging and that was what was fun about it, "Your was very detailed and challenging and thats what fun about. Good job I liked it."