Jessica- Period 3

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  1. Describe the game that you created. What was challenging for you during the design phase?As I began writing the story for the game it was a bit difficult because I would change a lot the story line. It was challenging because it was hard to come up with where the blocks and items were placed. 
  2. Describe your design process as you moved from one level to the next. It was very difficult coming up with the size of the level. With many ideas at mind, I created my main character, Haruki, with much detail. I had so much fun drawing and coming up with the story that I had drawn every character in the story: Haruki, Shouta, Mizuki, Rawr, and the demons. Coming up with the plot was hard but I found it easier when I just went with the flow. It's about a boy named Haruki, who ever since his childhood, was thought of as a monster. Story line:
    1. Act 1

      The name’s Haruki Takashi, age 18, just an average high school boy... NOT! Everyone believes I am a demon, so I always get the looks of fear and dreadful from people. It’s been like this ever since I was young. Because of my sharp looking eyes and my quick temper, every single person misunderstood me. I was born in Nagoya Japan and my parents... I don’t know where and I don’t know if they are alive. I struggled because everyone hated me. No one talked to me nor did they look at me. They insulted me, called me a monster, threw stuff and beat me up. I AM NOT A MONSTER, I AM NOT! With these hardships, I fought and became blinded with hatred. Without faltering, I stood my ground and beat those who looked down on me. This year is 2010, is a new year but just like last year I spent most of my days in the backyard, underneath the big oak tree. Ever since I was labeled as ‘the monster’, I was trained in Martial Arts, and the ways of the sword. Together with my friends, we kill/seal demons and monsters such as ghosts and stuff back into the world unknown.

      My two best friends are Rawr and Shouta. Rawr is not human, more like a small tiger which always sits on my shoulder. He is my pet that had always been with me since childhood. The same as Rawr, Shouta is not human but a fox that takes form as an 19 year old boy. They would describe me as stubborn, weird, hard-headed, fierce, quick tempered, yet strong, confident, kind-hearted, shy, and a very good person. Further in the story I grow to love a strange girl. Other than Rawr, Hayate, and Shouta, she was the first person to look at me, care for me, to love me.  Mizuki Kyoko is the first and last that I will ever love. Although most of the time I am quite quick tempered, I will always be patient with Mizuki and Hayate.

      Act 2

      The economy here is good but so many people are afraid of me that I haven’t been able to work, other than to work for Hayate, a shrine deity who found me and took me under his wing. When I was 6, I stole some food to get through the day, but I was caught and was thrown out . The next week, Hayate found me and later teaching me not to lie, steal, and cheat. Although he says that he wants me to have a happy life, he forbids me to go out alone even in the day. The only people to trust me is Hayate, Rawr, Shouta, and Mizuki. When going out of control, I feel as if there is another person inside me, a voice that calls my name.

      Act 3

      Even if Mizuki can take care of herself, she is my highest priority. The things that I love are Mizuki, food, sleeping, Rawr, and Hayate. I think of Shouta like a rival but as well as a good friend. The things that I dislike are those who despise me, hate me, look down on me. I am sad when those important leave me and let go of my hand. But there is one person I hate the most in the world that is yet to be seen.

      I claim to be not a monster, but in truth I already know. Two years ago, a man with a scar right across his face told me that I was the prince of hell. In other words, the name I never wanted was already thrown at my feet. Not only did he give me a deep wound on my back, but he also tempered with my memories, causing some of the memories to scatter. By doing so, I was able to glimpse at the future, a (Japan) Tsunami coming in and a figure standing trying to stop it. A few seconds later, an explosion happens. Being fated, I knew that I had to stop it from happening.

  3. How did you use various components (avatars, blocks, enemies) to vary play from level to level? I thought of how dangerous was the Japanese Tsunami so I applied what I learned in Gamestar Mechanic and my imagination and put it on the game board. I had to think of the components used, which mechanics, spacing, goals, and rules. These are the five of the elmental designs that I have learned throughout the games from the website Gamestar Mechanic. As I was playing, each part has a new element or item that I can earn if I win the game and all of it's levels.
  4. How did the levels balance degrees of challenge and fun? There was a lot of thought in spacing especially when it should be either big or small. It depends on the person, but in all it's because it makes you want to finish it. The levels define the words of thrilling and exciting. 
  5. What feedback, if any, did you receive from your playtesters? Posted by Hannah172, "Really good, but I could not pass the level. " "Rating:  Difficulty:  "