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Banned Book Homework

due 4/11 Billy Elliot Permission Slips no exceptions
due 4/12 watch  the video Mrs. Prettol made for you
Period 3 Only: Activities 6 and 7 due Thurs.
due 4/16 (Tues) Complete Activity 10.  We will do Activity 11 in class on Tues.
due 4/17 (Wed)Signed Persuasive Letter is due Wed.
Due between 4/17-22 Novel. You will be given time to read your novel on 4/17-22 in class. So the earlier you obtain the book the better!

Monday's Minimum Goals: Activity 1-3. Complete them as hw if not finished in class. 

Activity 1:
Quickwrite: We will do this as a class!
Think about the following words:
freedom of expression
If a document contains all of these words, what do you think  the document is about? Why was it written and by whom? Be creative if you have no idea! If you want to use dictionary.com, you may.

Activity 2:.
Gallery Walk: First, go to this website and read about the American Library Association. Write down their mission statement.
Then, walk around to each of the 6 "rights" You may do this out of order. Under each "right" is a question. Copy down the "right" and answer the question.

Activity 3:
For each word in Activity 1, look up the definition. If there are several definitions, go back to the items you wrote down for Activity 2. You can find each of the words in the items you wrote down. Copy down the definition that "fits" into the context of the ALA's Library Bill of Rights.

Tuesday Minimum Goals:  Complete Activity 4

Activity 4: For this assignment, pair up with a neighbor. The links for each class period are below. Use both of your first names.
 You will be given credit based on your partnership's responses. Quality and quantity count. Any partners who are off topic or silly will have points deducted.'

Open the google doc for your class period. Then, answer the questions below. There are five questions total. 

(Before Viewing the Clips) Intro to Discussion: Is there a good reason that a book should be banned?
Case 1: Persepolis: Why do you think the graphic novel Persepolois discussed in the clip was banned? Do 7th graders need to be protected from content such as this? explain.
Case 2: Harry Potter? Does it matter if censorship occurrs at a private school instead of a public school? Explain your ideas. 
Case 3: Fifty Shades of Grey: Should a public library censor what they consider to be pornographic or too racy? Should public money be used to purchase novels like this for a public library?
Conclusion to Discussion: After watching each video and answering the questions make sure to respond to atleast three other people in class.

When you are done go back to Activities 1,2,3 and make sure that they are complete! Then, watch the video Mrs. Prettol made for you or work on Wed.'s assignments.

Wednesday Minimum Goals: Activity 6 and 7. Whatever you do not finish in class is homework!
Period 3 will need to complete both assignments as HW.
During Period 3 all Freshman will report to the Benvenuti for our Question and Answer session with Actors from Billy Elliot!

Activity 5:
View the slideshow "Top Ten Reasons Books are Challenged". Write down each of the ten reasons with and example of a book that was challenged or banned for each reason. 
B. View the charts on this website and answer the following questions:
What are the three most cited reasons for challenging a book?
 What group of people are most likely to challenge a book?

Activity 6: Visit a list of frequently challenged books and the "Bannings and Burnings" to see what books have been banned or challenged. Which books on the list you have read? Do you think they are inappropriate for school libraries or classrooms? Explain your answer.

Thursday: Meet in the Media Center Complete Activity 7. If not completed in class, complete the selection and form as homework by Friday.

Activity 7: Choosing a novel
In the Media Center. After Mrs. Prettol's presentation, you must decide on a book that you want to read. The books must be an appropriate  reading level and be listed on the banned/challenged books list. 
If you have not already viewed the video about using the library to research, view it now.
Then, start on the Activities for Friday.

Friday: Minimum Goals Finish Activity 8 and 9 . Complete as hw 8-10.

Activity 8: Rewrite the following prompt in your green book: It might be helpful to write on every other line!

Letter Prompt: Write a letter to your parents persuading them to allow you to read the novel. In this letter, begin by explaining to them why you are reading a banned book. To get this information, you may wish to return to the letter I wrote to you as an introduction to the unit. Then, introduce the novel that you wish to read. Explain to them using documented research what the possible problems are with the novel and who has challenged or banned the book in the past. Then, convince them why you should read the novel even though others have tried to challenge or ban the book. After typing the letter, present it to your parents. If your parents allow you to read the novel, have them sign your letter. The final draft and signature is due on April 17.

Then label the following items in the prompt:
a. Invitation (What am I inviting you to write about? To whom?)
b. Recapitulation (What parts of the prompt contain ideas or words that you must reuse in your letter?)
c.Stipulations: (What do you have to include in the letter? What type of letter is it?What do you do with the letter?)
Every sentence should be labeled!

                Perform research using EBSCO Host. Find at least one source from EBSCO Host.
                You may also use Google to find a second source.
                Make sure to write down the citation information for each source that you find. If you do not know what information you will need see this document.

Monday 4/15 : Class Scheduling for Next Year. Homework due Tues: Complete Activity 10.  We will do Activity 11 in class on Tues. Signed Persuasive Letter is due Wed.

Activity 10: Watch the video titled, "Creating an annotated bibliography" or read about how to create an annotated bibliography on this website. 
                   In your green book answer the following questions: (work with a partner if you want to!)
                   A. Why create an annotated bibliography instead of just a list of sources and their websites?
                   B. How do you know what information form your article you need for the works cited entry? If you don't know what information you need, where can you look?
                   C. What are the three things that should be included in the annotation?

Tuesday 4/16 Minimum Goals: Complete Activity 11
 HW: Persuasive Letter to Parents Due Wed. (must be signed by your parent) 
Obtain a copy of the novel. 
Read novel by May 8. You will have time in class to read this week!

Activity 11:  In your greenbook, create an annotated bibliography for the two sources that you plan to use in your letter. Do you need to see an example? Look here!
Letter Due Wednesday April 17 with parent Signature
NOTE: You should obtain your book asap. Starting on April 17, 2013 you will frequently be given time in class to read and write about the book in class. During this time, I will be conferencing with students about their novels and persuasive letters. 

Wednesday 4/17 
 Minimum Goals:
Turn in your signed letter.
Begin reading and create your reading journal (Activity 12) 

Activity 12
Create this chart in your green book. As you read in class or at home, fill out the chart. You should include as many passages as possible. The more evidence the better.

Thursday 4/18-Friday 4/19
Minimum Goals: Work on Activity 12
View three movies on the "This I Believe Video" Page.

Activity 13: Book Review on Destiny
Prompt: Your book review on Destiny will help other students and parents decide if this novel is a good choice for their student. Write a review that contains the following:
a. introduce the author and title
b. short plot description (don't give away the ending...this is not a spoiler!)
c. your opinion of the novel's character's plot, characters, setting ect. In other words, did you like it? Why/Why not?
d. information on why the book has been challenged. Yes, you must provide researched evidence. Go back to your annotated bibliography/letter.
e. your opinion about the information in d. Support your opinion with details from the novel.
f. this will be read by the public. Academic language and sentence structure is a must! I suggest writing it in Google Docs before putting it into Destiny!
g. To get credit: After putting it on Destiny, take a screenshot and email it to Spall or print out the Destiny page with your review on it and turn it into Spall.
This assignment is not about length. It is about helping others! Give them enough information to decide if they want to read the book!
Directions:  Book review on Destiny