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"Almost nine years ago, we moved in across the street from Cate Rheney with an adventurous 1 ½ year old boy in tow. We had no immediate family in town, but anyone that knows Cate can tell you that she is always willing to lend a hand and give some amazing advice and guidance. I had gotten a part time job at Carolina Day School and my husband, Luke, was already in full swing at his new office, but I had no child care for our son yet.  And Cate said “You should go look at Nativity.”

He entered his classroom that fall to a crowd of other teary 1 year olds tottering around with lovies in hand. Ms. Sara was a complete dream, sweeping up children and wiping away their tears. I can honestly say that I have spent countless hours standing at that mirrored window outside the one year old classroom, through all three of my children’s tenures here, just watching amazed as the teacher’s seamlessly take a chaotic mass of young, weepy children and turn them into smiling, singing students taking their first steps in school and church together.

Our daughter Emma and our son Charlie followed in their big brother Quinn’s footsteps through every year at Nativity, and now just Charlie remains in the kindergarten in our last of of nine years here.  I have loved every amazing teacher here, every apple field trip and pumpkin carnival, every Thanksgiving sharing feast, every morning with Mom, helping lead the St. Jude’s Trike a thon, helping lead the parent’s committee (for a couple years), sharing cookies at the Christmas program, picnicking after our amazing spring music productions, celebrating at the graduation ceremonies, and watching each spring at how far my children and all of the Nativity families have come in just one year at Nativity Preschool and Kindergarten.  

Our first years in Asheville, we searched and searched for a church home all around. We had always gone to Presbyterian churches in the past, but what we soon realized was that our church home had been with us all along. It was the first place our children had ever been able to say goodbye and take their first independent steps. It was the place we came to for support, for community, and for guidance. Nativity has been so much more than just a preschool and kindergarten for our children; it has become our second home. A place where we have always felt welcome to come as we are and a place where our children have grown and thrived and left ready to be a part of the world. We are so grateful for our years of school here and for the community of this church.

The first time I stepped through the red door was over the summer in 2007. There were no tiny feet in the hallways yet, no handmade artwork on the walls yet, no teachers standing  in the doorways welcoming each child in yet, but the tour Debbie McGinnis, then director, gave me painted the picture and I was sold! Quinn was officially a Little Angel, well at least by class title.

What can I say about this amazing place? I have been a teary new mom dropping off my infant, a mom struggling just to wrangle both a car seat and two toddlers down the aisles, a mom who really needed a community of other mom’s and dad’s to share all the trials and joys of early childhood,  and a mom who’s watched all three of her children grow up with the most phenomenal, caring, nurturing and supportive teachers and staff from ages 1 to 5."                  --Beth Roberts  

"Our son attended Kindergarten at Nativity.  Because of his success in the classroom this year after Kindergarten, our daughter will be attending Kindergarten at Nativity as well.  During the school year, we observed our son grow academically through the nurturing and intelligent guidance of the teachers.  More importantly, however, we believe he obtained the confidence that will serve as a solid foundation for continued success in school.  In fact, this year in school, teachers have asked him to assist others with reading, writing and math which really has impressed upon us how good Nativity was for him, and how important education is to their teachers"
      --Lynn and Jason Roberts 

"We have thoroughly enjoyed watching our 3 sons grow at Nativity Preschool and Kindergarten over the past 7 years. Nativity provides a very nurturing and balanced environment for the children. Our boys developed social skills with classmates they played with, gained an excellent start to school learning the basics, all while receiving meaningful Christian values. As a family, we will take with us some great friendships with other Nativity Preschool and Kindergarten families we met over the years. Many thanks to all of the wonderful Nativity teachers and staff!"
      --The DeMatos Family

"Relocating to Asheville during the summer was stressful due to the fact that we had a tight timeline to find a high caliber preschool for our 4 year old little girl.  We carefully vetted many preschools and personally visited three in the area.  It was clear after those visits and speaking with the preschool directors that Nativity was the best choice for our child.   

Six months into the school year our choice has not only been confirmed,  but Nativity continues to exceed our expectations.  The instruction our daughter gets is stimulating, educational, exceptionally creative and fun!  She has grown academically and spiritually.  Nativity is a vital part of building a foundation that has prepared our child for Kindergarten. More importantly the program has provided life lessons and positive role models which will continue to impact her beyond preschool.

Administratively the preschool is well run by strong administrators who care for the children, teachers, and understand the business aspect of running a successful preschool.  When the unexpected comes up, the situation is handled swiftly, thoughtfully and with effective communication.  The administration keeps the facilities in great shape and ensures everything is there for a well rounded learning experience.    

We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Nativity family and feel blessed to have our child attend!"
      --The Tompkins Family