Dual Language Institute

Welcome to the Dual Language Institute’s Parent Resource Page!  

National University Academy's Dual Language Institute serves families all over North San Diego County.

The Dual Language Institute is a K-8 program. We use a 90:10 model in which kindergartners receive 90% of their instruction in Spanish and 10% of their instruction in English. With each successive grade the amount of Spanish decreases and the amount of English increases by 10%, until grade 3. Grades 3-6 receive a 50/50 ratio of Spanish to English instruction. We project that the 50/50 ratio will be used up to 8th grade in 2015-2016. Our teachers work in partnerships so that students receive bilingual instruction in all content areas. Students are assisted every step of the way to ensure that each child is learning and advancing to their full potential. NUA-DLI  families are closely connected in an active network and  they gain valuable interaction through group events, enrichment classes, educational activities and the PTO..

Please find the admissions application for National University Academy’s Dual Language Institute at the following link:


For more information, contact:

Enrollment and Program Information

Mallory Trapnell, Principal

Phone: (858) 401-2389

E-mail: mtrapnell@nationaluniversityacademy.org  

Sandra Villasenor, DLI Site Facilitator

Phone: (760) 631-6200

E-mail: svillasenor@nationaluniversityacademy.org