National Laboratory Environment Safety and Health Directors

NLESHD Charter

[revised 2/23/17]


The ESHWG is comprised of one representative from each of the participating National Laboratories. Generally this representative is the ES&H Director for the Laboratory unless a designated alternate is appointed.


The ESHWG proactively serves to advise the NLDC on ES&H issues that are common across the DOE Laboratory complex. The group reviews events and shares lessons learned, identifies best practices, recommends policy and regulatory interpretation and provides assistance in evaluating unique hazards and conditions as required. The group serves as a forum to identify the best subject matter experts across the Laboratory Complex on high priority ES&H topics so they can assist as the need arises (e.g. site visits, assessments, white papers, policies, etc.).


The ESH Working Group holds regularly scheduled monthly teleconference calls. Each meeting has an agreed upon agenda which includes NLDC status reports, ESHWG status reports, and a discussion of current events and emerging issues. In addition the ESHWG has a goal of holding a face-to-face workshop annually to discuss topics of mutual interest, share best practices and lessons learned, engage in continuous improvement activities and conduct the business of the NLDC ESHWG.


The ESH Chair is an elected position whose term is one year, beginning January 1. A Chair-elect is elected annually and serves concurrently with the Chair, then succeeds the Chair the following year. The ESHWG Chair is responsible for scheduling the monthly phone call, organizing the monthly meeting agenda, and publishing minutes of the meetings. The ESHWG Chair reports to the NLDC Chair, participates in the NLDC status meetings, accepts tasks on behalf of the ESHWG and makes assignments to the ESHWG as needed to support NLDC initiatives.