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[revised 2/07/2022]


The National Laboratory Chief Financial Officers, herein referred to as the NLCFO, is a working group of the U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory Directors Council (NLDC) intended to advise the NLDC on business, procurement and financial issues and provide an interface to DOE organizations in these areas. The primary DOE stakeholder for the NLCFO is the Office of the CFO, though the collaboration of the NLCFO spans more broadly across the Department. The NLCFO also functions as a forum for information exchange, sharing of best practices, consensus building, and coordination of major initiatives impacting the DOE contractor community in the business, procurement and financial arenas.


The NLCFO membership consists of the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) from each of the organizations represented on the NLDC.

  • AMES Laboratory: John Lawson

  • Argonne National Laboratory: Tim Knewitz

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory: Susan McKeon (Acting)

  • Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory: Vanessa Peoples

  • Idaho National Laboratory: Iris Anderson

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory: LeeAnn Stribley

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Minh Agon Huebner

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Rachelle Jeppson

    • National Energy Technology Laboratory: James Wilson

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Clay Sumner (Acting)

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Scott Branham

  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Tracie Cowen

  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory: Kristen Fischer

  • Sandia National Laboratory: Josh Parsons

  • Savannah River National Laboratory: Deborah Mann

  • SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory: George Clark

  • Thomas Jefferson Accelerator Laboratory: Jennifer Logan

Chair, Chair-Elect, and Executive Committee

The Chair shall be elected by the full membership and shall serve a term of two calendar years. A Chair-Elect shall also be elected by the full membership and shall become the new Chair when the current Chair’s term ends. Nominations for the Chair-Elect shall be accepted from the entire NLCFO membership and shall be voted on approximately six months before the end of the term of the current Chair and Chair-Elect. The incoming Chair (the former Chair-Elect) and new Chair-Elect will assume their roles in January of the following calendar year for a period of two calendar years.

In the event the Chair is unable to complete the term, the Chair-Elect will become the Chair. If the Chair-Elect cannot serve as the Chair, the most recent former Chair of the NLCFO group will serve temporarily until a new Chair and Chair-Elect can be elected. In this event, elections will be held expeditiously.

The NLCFO Executive Committee consists of the Chair, the Chair-Elect, and most recent former Chair. The Executive Committee will meet by phone, video conference or other means on a regular frequency determined by the Chair.


The NLCFO shall undertake such studies and activities as the NLDC requests or the NLCFO membership proposes and agrees. Working groups may be formed to examine specific matters of importance to the Laboratories. Recommendations from the working groups shall be addressed by the full NLCFO membership.

The NLCFO shall maintain a list of priorities and actions to guide the efforts of the group and ensure progress relative to our purpose.


Meetings of the NLCFO shall be scheduled by the Chair. Meetings may be conducted in person, by telephone, or by video conference. They shall be scheduled at times and places to be most effective in conducting the business of the NLCFO, but in no case, shall there be fewer than two meetings per calendar year. Meetings will be announced via electronic mail. Members are permitted, when necessary, to bring subject matter experts to assist them with agenda items. Members may send a delegate if unable to attend.

Normally meetings will be open, and guests may be invited to all or part of the meetings with the concurrence of the NLCFO members. However, when appropriate, the Chair may call all or part of a meeting for NLCFO members only.


Decisions are normally by consensus, but require a quorum of members be present. Two thirds (2/3s) of the members, represented in person or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the members.

Where voting is appropriate, each member will have one vote. Ballots may be cast by the members or by proxy. Unless otherwise noted in this charter, voting decisions are by simple majority of the votes cast.


This Charter may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all NLCFO members.

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