HW Calendar

At the start of each month you will receive a new homework calendar.  The calendar is designed so that the homework assignment is listed on the date it should be completed, and is to be turned in the following day.  All the homework sheets that your child will need for the month are attached to the calendar.  You’ll find the first sheet that your child needs at the back of the stapled packet for easy removal. 

Please note, math homework sheets will be sent home on the day they are to be completed.  Occasionally, we will send home an additional homework assignment or project that is not on the calendar.  These assignments will connect to current curriculum units, and will have instructions attached.

The homework guidelines in Natick suggest that first graders spend 15 minutes on homework 4 days a week.  If your child becomes frustrated or is not able to complete a calendar assignment in 15-20 minutes, have them stop and send in what is completed.  We understand that occasionally children are unable to complete assignments as scheduled, due to family obligations.  In those instances, children may bring in the assignment at their earliest convenience. 

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