Create a Photo Book

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Today, we'll be working with iPhoto and Photo Booth to create a short photo book to tell a story using pictures and text. You'll accomplish this by doing the following:
  1. Come up with an idea for a short story that can be explained visually. Try not to choose a plot that relies on knowing what your characters are thinking.
  2. Take 10 - 20 pictures that explain the plot.
  3. Transfer your pictures into iPhoto.
  4. Assemble a photo book that tells your story.
  5. Print your photo book to PDF and place it in your shared folder with your name on it.
iPhoto is very similar to iMovie, and a lot of the concepts you're used to are very similar. Importing photos is very straightforward - just plug a camera or memory card reader into your computer and iPhoto will recognize it. Watch the video below for more information on how to assemble your photo book. When you're done, print your book using File > Print, then select 'Print to PDF' and save your file. Once your file has been saved and named, you can drag it into your shared folder to hand it in.

How To Make a Photo Book

Video Project Requirements

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For this project, you will plan, write and produce your own video. Make sure it meets or includes each of the following requirements:
  • Planning Document (complete with lots of detail)
  • Script
  • 3 Minutes Long
  • Two Titles
  • Three Transitions
  • Some Added Audio (Music, Voiceover, Sound Effects, etc.)
  • One Other Special Effect or Technique (Green/Blue Screen, Cutaways, One-Step Effects, etc.)
Make sure you take your time editing the video. The resulting movie should make sense, and your viewer should never be confused about what's happening or why they've moved from one scene to the next. When you're finished, upload your file to Google Docs and put it in your shared folder. Title it with the names of all of your group members.

This project is due on 5/25.

Video Project Planning Document

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Download the video project planning document below. Make your own copy and fill out this document to show me that you've thought about all of the necessary considerations before you start shooting your video.

Important: The first page of this document is a table of contents. Do not answer the questions here, each one will be asked later in more detail.

Movie Planning Worksheet

Video Project Proposal

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NHS Promo Project

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For this project, you will create a promotional video that encourages prospective students who are considering multiple high schools to choose NHS. After seeing your video, we want them to be informed and excited about Natick!

Additionally, you should include each of these requirements:
  • 1:00 to 1:30 in length
  • 3 Text Overlays
  • 5 Transitions
  • 2 Added Sounds (Sound Effects, Music, Voiceover, etc.)
  • Exciting, Interesting and Creative Video

Intro to iMovie: NHS Movie Trailer

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As part of your introduction to iMovie, you will use iMovie's built-in templates to create a trailer for a movie that takes place here at Natick High School. Your trailer should include a complete outline, storyboard and shot list. 

Use the form below to tell me who will be in your group:

iMovie Trailer Groups

You will be graded on the completeness of your outline, storyboard and shot list, as well as the level of effort and creativity you put into your video. Try to come up with an interesting or original topic for your movie.

Assignment: Podcast

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Work with a partner or small group to create one episode of a podcast on a topic you chose. The podcast should:
  • Be 3 - 5 minutes in length
  • Have a name and a topic
  • Be accompanied by typed show notes that include:
    • Links
    • Short descriptions of the topics you discuss in your episode
    • Credits that name the people who worked on the show and what they did
  • Include at least 3 different effects that make sense in the recording (no chipmunk voices, please)
  • Include at least one effect where you’ve set the parameters manually
When you're done, you should use Google Docs to should hand in:
  • Your recorded podcast, in .zip format (containing a .band file)
  • Your typed show notes

Podcast Show Notes

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To begin your podcast assignment, you will create show notes to plan the contents of your episode and give your viewers additional information about the topics you will discuss.

Once you've read that, take a look at these shows for some more examples:

Podcast Project Proposal

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Podcast Scavenger Hunt

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