Home - Welcome to 7th Grade L&L!

Ms. Bridget (Owen) Ross, M.A. , M.A.T.
Team Accountability
Grade 7 Language & Literacy Teacher
Email: bowen@natickps.org
Phone: 508.647.6400 ext. 1271
Extra Help Availability: Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 2-3 p.m. 

For Parents: 

Using the L&L Website
You will find the following pages and resources on the website:
  • Calendar
    • Stay organized! The calendar will be updated with long-term assignment due dates, assessment dates, and other reminders.  (For daily homework, please see the "Homework" page.)
  • Class Notes
    • Use this page if:
      • you were absent and need a handout or information about what happened in class (you should also see Ms. Ross, check with a peer, and check the Absent Crate in the classroom to be sure  you are caught up); 
      • you need a reminder about classwork and expectations;
      • are looking for a rubric, handout, links to videos and websites, or class presentations.
  • Homework
    • Here you'll find an up-to-date list of daily homework assignments, due dates, and (when possible) handouts.
  • Useful Links & Resources
    • Looking for websites related to L&L? Look no further! You'll find resources related to course content, poetry, grammar, spelling, and other exciting topics here. Check back frequently as it will be updated throughout the year.
Course Grade
Your cumulative grade will be calculated as follows:
  • Reading - 35%
  • Writing - 35%
  • Speaking & Listening - 20%
  • Language - 10%
Ungraded Assignments
These include homework and classwork assignments that will not be assessed with a grade. Although they are not graded, the assignments are still very important and will lead to a student's overall success in class and on graded assignments. Completing homework and classwork in a timely manner also demonstrates a student's individual responsibility and respect for his or her education.