The Kennedy Middle School Building Committee (KMSBC), for the Natick Public Schools, invites Natick community members to participate providing their feedback and input about the Kennedy Middle School Building Project. 

Presently, a Feasibility Study has been completed. The complete study is located in the Document Library.

The public forums will focus on gathering community input about the proposed building project. Moving forward, we plan to hold subsequent community forums to explore possible alternatives for the facilities plan, in an effort to shape recommendations for KMSBC consideration.

The KMSBC will consider the broadest range of options and possibilities to address the operational and educational constraints of the John F. Kennedy Middle School. This forum and the subsequent forums play a vital role in that process. Please attend and share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. The focus of each workshop is different so citizens are encouraged to attend all. The workshops will build on each other.

We look forward to working cooperatively the Natick community on this great opportunity to develop a solution for upgrading Kennedy and ensuring our educational objectives are met while also addressing much-needed building systems and infrastructure issues.

Should you have follow-up questions, please email the project team at

Community Presentations

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