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October 17: Happy wear something gaudy day!

We're Back!!!
Thanks for the wonderful memories Mr. Donovan!

Good morning, today's weather.

Mainly sunny and cool today, high rising to 65°F. A mixture of clear skies and clouds this afternoon followed by clear skies tonight, low dropping to 50°F.

Mainly sunny and brisk tomorrow. High will rise to 50°F. Increasing cloudiness tomorrow night, low dropping to 32°F.

Cloudy Thursday with the chance of showers. Temperatures in the 50s.

Thank you, have a great day!

Natick Conditions at 7:00 AM

 Current Sky: Mostly clear
Current Temperature: 38°F
Current Dew Point: 38°F
Current Wind: calm
Current Barometer: 29.90
Precipitation: none
Total rainfall for this month: 2.71

Snowfall Winter 2017-2018

April 2: dusting
March 21-22: 1.2 inches
March 7-8: 10 inches
March 6: dusting (at night)
March 3: 1 inch
February 22: dusting
February 17: 4 inches
February 7: 2.5 inches
February 6: dusting
February 2: dusting
January 23: 4 inches
January 17: 3 inches
January 3-4: 13 inches
December 25: 2 inches
December 9 = 6.5 inches

Total snowfall 2017: 46.5 inches

Winter 2016-2017

March 13-14: 21 inches
March 13-14: 10.5 inches
February 15-16: dusting
February 12-13:  9 inches
February 10-11: 4 inches
February 8-9:  10.5 inches
January 31 - February 1: 2.5 inches
January 21:  dusting
January 17: dusting
January 8: 8 inches

2018 Total Rainfall:

Total Rainfall for May: 2.61

Total rainfall for April: 5.11

Total rainfall for March: 5.86

Total Rainfall for February: 4.97 inches
Total rainfall January 2017: 3.95 inches

2016 Rainfall

Total Rainfall for December: 1.73 inches

Total Rainfall for November: 2.40 inches

Total Rainfall for October: 6.29 inches

Total Rainfall for April: 6.94 inches

Happy Opening Night. Go Celtics!!!

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