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ASD Good Practice Guidance Part 1 (2007) Gives practical advice to providers for children with autistic spectrum disorders, based on existing good practice, and helps them to reflect on their own practice.  Government 3 March 2011 PDF 
ASD Good Practice Guidance Part 2 (2007) Provides pointers to good practice. Government  PDF 
The Lamb Inquiry (2009) Brian Lamb investigated parental confidence in the Special Needs system. Government 14 November 2010 PDF 
Making Disabled Children Matter Locally 2010 Every Disabled Child Matters guide to local campaigning Other 3 March 2011 PDF 
Using the Law to Fight the Cuts to Disabled Children’s Services (2011) A practical guide for campaigners - parents, carers and local groups Legal 3 March 2011 PDF 
National Autism Plan for Children (2003) Plan for the identification, assessment, diagnosis and access to early interventions for pre-school and primary school aged children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) NAS 3 March 2011 PDF 
Together from the Start (2003) Practical guidance for professionals working with disabled children Government 3 March 2011 PDF 
Autism Spectrum Disorders - National Service Framework (2004) Idealised example of a child's journey from diagnosis to age 16 Health 3 March 2011 PDF 
Disabled Children - A Legal Handbook (2010) An authoritative yet accessible guide to the legal rights of disabled children and their families in England and Wales. The handbook aims to empower disabled children and their families through a greater understanding of their rights and entitlements.  Legal 3 March 2011 Link 
SEN Code of Practice (2001 - still current) KEY DOCUMENT. Guidance Local Authorities must follow when making provision for children's special educational needs in early years settings and maintained schools. Government 3 March 2011 PDF 
National Standards Project (2009) Publication by The National Autism Center (USA). Comprehensive information about the level of scientific evidence that exists in support of the many educational and behavioural treatments currently available for children with autism Other 22 March 2011 PDF 
SEN Guide for Parents & Carers Introduction to SEN from Dept of Education Government  pdf 
IPSEA Refusal to assess pack. Helpful info for applying for a Statement of SEN or if your request has been refused Legal  pdf 
Refusal to assess social care template letter (2011) Produced by Every Disabled Child Matters and Irwin Mitchell solicitors in relation to short breaks and other specialist social care services  Legal  PDF 
NICE Guidance Autism: recognition, referral and diagnosis of children and young people on the autism spectrum Guidance  Health 18 October 2011 NICE Guidance Diagnosis 
NICE Guidance: Diagnosis Services Parent / Young Person Friendly Version Health 18 October 2011 NICE Full Guideline 
Autism Education Trust Report: Good Practice What is good practice in autism education? Other 18 October 2011 AET Report 
LGO Report 'Out of School-Out of Mind?' Report on Local Authority duty to make educational provision for children out of school. Government 18 October 2011 Google Doc 
Provision Map (Whole School - written for dyslexia) Schools should set out all of the interventions they can provide by type of SEN using a provision map like this one in mainstream schools in North Yorkshire  North Yorkshire County Council 26 October 2011 Google Doc 
Provision Map (individual) Example of the type of document mainstream schools in North Yorkshire should be using to set out an individual child's needs, that specifies provision, sets out what progress is expected and stipulates a timeframe to meet those targets  North Yorkshire County Council 26 October 2011 Google Doc 
Inclusion Passport (School's version) Describes the reasonable adjustments schools have made to overcome a child's barriers to learning and evaluates what has been effective  North Yorkshire County Council 26 October 2011 PDF 
Learning and Achieving in North Yorkshire Provision for vulnerable learners in schools including children with SEN North Yorkshire County Council 26 October 2011 PDF 
Carers and Their Rights 2011 An easy read guide to the law relating to carers by Prof Luke Clements Legal 10 November 2011 Pdf 
Cemented to the Floor by Law (2010) A paper by barrister Steve Broach which gives more detailed coverage of the legal duties that may be used to fight cuts to disabled children’s services Legal 18 February 2011 PDF 
A Parent’s Guide to Evidence-based Practice and Autism The National Autism Center Other 4 January 2012 Pdf 
Cerebra Guide: Disabled Children Parents' Guide - Employment What employment support is available and what employment rights exist for carers  Other 12 April 2013 Pdf 
Cerebra Guide: Disabled Children Parents’ Guide: Social Care, Housing and Health. How to get help for a child’s social care, housing and health needs. Other 12 April 2013 Pdf 
NYCC Carers Strategy 2012-2015 Carers Strategy North Yorkshire County Council  Carers Strategy 
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