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A video glossary is available via free registration at Autism Speaks here. It shows a wide range of short clips covering an overview of autism, and clearly shows the difficulties with social interaction, communication, repetitive behaviours and restricted interests, and sensory issues. It also demonstrates the 'red flags' for autism. If you have concerns about your child click here.

Level: Easy
Prof Fed Volkmar
The Changing Face of Autism in Adolescents and Adults - Oct 11

Changing Face of Autism: Adolescents & Adults

Level: Easy

Supernanny helps a family with three children, one of whom has autism, by calling in leading expert Dr Lynn Koegel from the Univerity of California. Dr Koegel uses a type of intervention called Pivotal Response Treatment, which is a behavioural approach, similar to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Level: Moderate

Prof Fed Volkmar
Overview of autism:

Overview of model programmes:

Prof Volkmar refers to a book in the video called Educating Children with Autism which is free online here

Yale University have put their complete undergraduate course on autism online - lecture content and supporting materials - here

Level: Advanced

Professor Sir Michael Rutter's presentation Progress in Understanding Autism 2007-10.
It's a technical overview on the current state of research.




There is a large collection of lectures on autism and related subjects from the University of California MIND Institute available on their website here and downloadable via iTunes here