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Get involved

Your support is vital - we need your involvement. The activities, campaigns, events, and support groups are all run by volunteers. Without your help we will not be able to maintain and develop our services.

Ways you can support your branch:

Become an active member

Pass on our contact details to families and professionals who may not be aware of us. 

Come to branch meetings

Spread the word. Display the branch poster and events flyers on notice boards at schools, GP surgeries, clinics, nurseries, children’s centres etc.

We are open to all, regardless of whether or not you are an NAS member. We welcome carers and professionals, parents and other family members, whether you have a diagnosis or not.

If you are an NAS member please nominate us as your branch (tick the box under ‘support your branch’ on the change of details that comes with your renewal letter) so that a proportion of your membership fee will come direct to the branch.