Kindergarten News -Welcome to Room 231

Weeks of June 4 and 11
Friday   6/1Day B - Computers 
Monday 6/4Day C - Music 
TuesdayDay D - Art
Wednesday 12:00 Dismissal - No Lunches Served 4:00 School Carnival - See you there!
Thursday Music 
Golden Paw Party!!  (You may bring a small stuffed animal to the party!)
12:00 Dismissal - No Lunches Served
Friday Behavior Reward Day!
12:00 Dismissal - No Lunches Served
Monday6/11Last Day of School for Students!
12:00 Dismissal - No Lunches Served
TuesdayNo School - Summer Vacation!!

Skills for the week:
Language Arts:
Handwriting: Lower case review and first and last names with the first letter upper-case and the rest of the letters lower-case.
Letter Recognition: Aa-Zz.
Sounds: Practice: Long e, u, o, i, a, all short vowel and consonant sounds.
Strategy: Ask/Answer Questions  Skill: Main Topic; Key Details 

Count to 100.  Tell time to the hour.
  Words to 
 Words We 
Talk About

      I      am      can      the  
     we    see       a        like  
      to    and      go       you
     do     my      are      with
     he      is       little     she
    was    for      have      of  
    they   said    want    here
     me    this    what    help   
    too     has     play   where
    look   good    who    come


Special Notes:    

Thank you all for your generosity in filling our basket for the Spring Carnival! A special "Thank you" to Mrs. Hayes for getting the basket for us! 

I want to thank all of my students and their parents for such a special year in kindergarten.  You will always hold a special place in my heart.  I hope that you all have a safe and happy summer and enjoy your family time together.