Secrets of the Shopping Mall

Author: Richard Peck
Reading Level: Young Adult
Number of Pages:200
Trying to escape the vicious King Kobra gang and  troubled life at home, eighth graders Barnie and  Teresa flee the city. With only four dollars  between them, they hop a bus, hoping to find a new life  at the end of the line. Destination: Paradise  Park. But Paradise Park turns out to be a  cement-covered suburban shopping mall--not quite the paradise  they had hoped for.

With no money  and no home to retum to, they are forced to stay.  And paradise park takes them in--in more ways than  one. Barnie and Teresa spend their days and nights  in the climate-controlled consumer paradise of a  large department store. And just when they think  they can live there unnoticed forever, Teresa and  Barnie find that even Paradise Park has its secrets.  Even in the dead of night, they are far from  alone....