Eddie's Blue Winged Dragon

Author: C.S. Adler
Reading Level: ages 9-12
Number of Pages: 146

Grade 4-7 Eddie, a sixth grader with cerebral palsy, is excited about finally attending "regular" school, but Darrin, the school bully, immediately begins to harass him. Eddie buys a brass dragon which seems to have some powers to help him through his problems. Eddie dreams that his dragon is flying over Darrin's hideout, shooting flames onto the hillside. The next day he finds out that there has been a fire, and Darrin has been charged with arson. Even though Eddie has his revenge, he still feels guilty, so he returns the dragon to the shop. In the end, Eddie gains his self-respect by winning a school speech contest. Adler provides a good mixture of realism and fantasy. Even though the story stereotypes handicapped children somewhat, the solutions to Eddie's problems are handled realistically. Bonnie L. Raasch, C. B. Vernon Middle School, Marion, Iowa
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