Jane Eyre (Abr)

Author: Charlotte Bronte
Adapted By: Jerome Carlin and Henry I. Christ
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
Number of Pages:184

A late seventies adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's Classic Jane Eyre. This adaptation begins as Miss Eyre arrives at Thornfield Hall eliminating the chapters dealing with Jane's early years. Vocabulary and language are modified to make the story more palatable to a modern audience of young readers.

Jane Eyre is set in England in the early 1800's.  Miss Bronte creates a tale of both mystery and romance in the pattern of a classic gothic novel.  The night is full of phantom footsteps, blood-curdling shrieks and mad laughter.

Jane is plain and poor, but has a strong spirit that can not be broken.  Her experience as a governess is shrouded in mystery.  Mr. Rochester, her employer, casts a brooding shadow over Thornfield Hall and he slowly wins Jane's loyalty and love.  But the dark secrets hidden in Thornfield threaten to destroy Jane's happiness.