Classroom Sets

 The Door in the Wall

15 Copies
 Nothing But the Truth.

132 Copies
 The Birthday Murderer

0 Copies
    Jane Eyre (Abridged)

              8 Copies
             The Goats

                34 Copies
 The Midwifes Apprentice

20 Copies
 There is a  Bat in Bunk Five
0 Copies
Great Expectations

5 Copies
Johnny Tremain

46 Copies 

0 Copies
The Wind in The Will

22 Copies
 Summer of My German Soldier

8 Copies
King Arthur ...

50 Copies
 Collision Course

10 Copies
The Outsiders

42 Copies
That Was Then This is Now

95 Copies
The Juniper Game

6 Copies
Road From Home

4 Copies
 Daughter of the Mountains

4 Copies
 War Between the Pitiful Teachers...

12 Copies

 The Giver

82 Copies

424 Copies

                  4 copies
 Moby Dick (Abridged)

5 Copies
 Distant Thunder

54 copies
 Lisa Bright and Dark

12 Copies
 I Will Call it Georgie's Blues

13 Copies

            10 Copies
 Westing Game

29 Copies

100 Copies

104 Copies
 Angel Dust Blues

16 Copies
 Dr. Jekyll& Mr. Hyde

62 Copies
 Treasure Island

7 Copies
 Song of the Gargoyle

44 Copies
 Witch of Blackbird Pond

15 Copies
 Well Kept Secret

7 Copies
 Serving Time at Camp

12 Copies
Kid Brother

12 copies
 The Day Dad Cried

9 Copies
 An Ended Friendship

14 copies
 Teacher Trouble

4 Copies
                       Tom Sawyer
210 Copies

 Huckleberry Finn

29 Copies
 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

19 Copies
 The President's Daughter
7 Copies
               33 Copies
                  4 Copies
 The Pigman

           163 Copies
 Blue Heron

7 Copies
 Wind Catcher

12 Copies
 The Watson's Go to Birmingham
67 Copies
Bud, Not Buddy 
14 Copies
Crazy Lady!
21 Copies 
         The Great Gilly Hopkins

                   8 Copies
The Solid Gold Kid

          12 Copies
 The Day They Came to Arrest the Book  

                        8 Copies
 Interstellar Pig

5 Copies
 When We First Met

9 Copies
When the Stars Begin to Fall
6 copies
 The Girl Who Owned A City
18 Copies
 After the Rain

6 Copies
 Princess Ashley
7 Copies
 Dicey's Song
8 Copies
 A Conneticut yankee in King Arthur's Court
28 Copies
 News For Dog's
438 Copies
 Bat 6 
94 Copies
 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hdye
55 Copies
7 Copies
 Esperanza Rising
77 Copies
 Bridge To Terabithia

20 Copies
 The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
246  Copies
            The Hobbit
             207 Copies
12 Copies
 Running Loose
7 Copies
 The Orphan Train
6 Copies   
 A Family Apart
8 Copies
 A Place to Belong
8 Copies
 Three Comedies of American Family Life
5 Copies
 A Christmas Carol
18 Copies
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