Project Guidelines

Research Writing Guide

Ms. Sisko (2012)   

Dear Students and Parents:

 Please sign this sheet after you have read through these research guidelines. This year, students will choose a famous author or historical figure or a controversial issue as a topic for research. If you choose author or historical figure research, your paper will be informational; your research paper will be written in diary form as you pretend to be the author or the famous person from history and add your imagination to adorn the important facts/happenings in the person’s life.  Therefore, the diary dates will not be daily but perhaps months or years apart. If you choose a controversial issue, your paper will be persuasive; you must pretend you are a United States Senator and write a persuasive letter to the other senators in which you try to convince them to see the issue your way.  Persuasive essay format would be used.


Steps in the research process:


  • Understand plagiarizing by reviewing page R34 in your literature book.
  • Make a source card for each source you find so having a works cited section will be possible. Three sources are required.                                   
  • Once you have enough informational sources, create note cards as you read.                                                     
  • Create an outline; then begin drafting.
  • The next step is revision.
  • The final step is editing, checking spelling, capitalization, punctuation, all grammar.
  • The final section of the research project is the works cited section. See page R35 in your literature book for proper MLA style.

Due dates and items for English:

  1. Parent signature on this guide sheet  due Jan. 20.   5 points
  2. 3 source cards due Jan. 31.  We will be in our library during class for two full days prior to this due date.   15 points
  3. 25 note cards due February 7.   25 points
  4. Non-sentence outline  due February 14.   15 points
  5. Rough draft due Feb. 21,  minimum=3 pages typed, double-spaced, standard font, 25 points
  6. Revision,in colored pencil on draft one,  due Feb. 28.  15 points
  7. Final Copy due  March 6th           25 points