Project Guidelines

Guidelines for Black History Month Poster-  January 2011


You have selected a famous American to research in recognition of Black History Month. Your task is to create a poster that will inform your classmates about your subject. Your poster will be scored as a homework assignment. Use the following guidelines when creating your poster:


  1. Write the person’s name in bold letters at the top of the poster. Your name should be written beneath theirs.
  2. At least one picture must be on the poster. More may be added.
  3. A written essay must be attached to the poster. The essay should have 3 short paragraphs.
  4. Paragraph 1 should include biographical information such as when he/she was born, family information, education, and any other background information you found interesting.
  5.  Paragraph 2 should tell all about the reasons he/she is famous. Tell what he/she accomplished and name any achievements or awards received.
  6. Paragraph 3 should tell why you admire this person. Tell what you learned from this research that may be applied to your own life.
  7. Decorate the rest of the poster with words, phrases, and pictures to catch your audience’s attention.
  8. All writing may be either hand written or typed.