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Hours: 7:00-2:30
About the Library Media Center: Our brand new facility opened in the fall of 2015.  To be 21st-century  ready, students need to know, not only how to find information, but also how to evaluate, present and create it.  We utilize the newly available technology of this facility to meet these goals. 

  In addition, the Library Media Center works together with staff and students to identify and support readers with a wide variety of topics in fiction and non-fiction. 

     Here is where people,
            one frequently finds
Lower their voices
                 and raise their minds.
                                         -Richard Armour


Mrs. Smith  Mrs. Becker
          Librarian                                                     Instructional Assistant

The previous Library served the children in the Northampton Area School District from 1970 to 2015. 
Left: Upward view of the chandelier from the previous building
Right: A look into the the heart of the previous Middle School Library
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OverDrive is here! 
Download and borrow ebooks through the Library!

How do I borrow a book?

1. First use the link below to download the free app of your choice:

Download the OverDrive Media Console mobile app to get started.  This will allow you to borrow books on an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phone, Kindle tablets, Kobo tablets, Nooks and Android and Blackberry phones.

  2. Next, connect to Colonial IU to borrow and download a book.

·Use the pull down arrow and select                              Northampton Area School District

·Use your current Northampton Middle School             username and password to log onto OverDrive   

· Select your format of choice to borrow the book