This document serves as the goal for literacy in Pennsylvania.  It provides a focus for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, schools, teachers, parents, and community  members.  This document served as the model for the development of our own Local Comprehensive Literacy Plan. 

This document contains the mission statement and the vision statements for the Northampton Area School District.

Needs Assessment
The Needs Assessment was a requirement for the Keystones to Opportunity grant approval process.  A team of birth to age five, elementary, middle, and high school teachers met to discuss and score our district using the scale provided by the state.  This document's purpose is to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses at each level.  This document is our revised version of the Northampton Area School District Needs Assessment as of 2013. 

Supplemental Guide to Differentiating the Language Arts Curriculum
As part of our Local Comprehensive Literacy Plan, we devoted a section to aligning the regular education Language Arts curriculum with the Special Education Language Arts curriculum.  This alignment was created to ensure that all students receive the same quality education, regardless of placement.  A Special Education brochure was created to offer helpful tips for differentiating the curriculum for Special Education students.  

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