The Keystones to Opportunity initiative is a federal grant that Pennsylvania received to improve literacy for students from birth to twelfth grade.  Pennsylvania is one of six states, out of 30 that applied, to be awarded these discretionary dollars.  

The Northampton Area School District is currently starting our third year of the Keystones to Opportunity initiative.  During year one, we were awarded a total of $647,727 ($418,125 for the high school level and $229,602 for birth through age five).  Year two allotted $557,952 ( $360,173 for the high school level and $197,779 for birth through age five). The target group for our initiative is birth through age five and high school, however, we plan to share our professional learning with all grade levels. 

To showcase our successes during year one and two of the grant, we prepared a presentation for the Northampton Area School District School Board.  The PowerPoint can be viewed here.

To view the KtO Comprehensive Literacy Plan and the KtO Special Education Supplemental Guide to Differentiated Instruction please click on the links listed below.