High School

Mrs. Gray - 
Digital Arts  https://sites.google.com/a/nasdschools.org/gray/
Have you ever wondered how a TV studio works or wanted to design your own magazine? 

Life is always fun and curiosity abounds in the Digital Arts room... You never know what you will find yourself getting into next! With an extensive background in the digital arts stemming from years of working in the high-end world of printing, 

authoring 4 multimedia textbooks, and teaching the digital arts at a local college for almost a decade,

 I constantly challenge myself and my students to find new and exciting ways to showcase their talents in the digital realm.

With a BS & MA in art education from Kutztown University, I teach my art classes with a quirky passion for art and people. You'll need ears with a patience for stories about my family, a voice that won't say, "but I can't draw," hands with a dedication to trying something new, eyes willing to look at the everyday world differently, and a mind that can keep up with the errant ideas that spill out of my mouth about art. Come create and get messy with me!