Elementary Schools

I have a Bachelors in Art Education and a Masters in Elementary Education. I will be teaching students in grades kindergarten thru sixth grade. We will be using various materials such as paint, watercolors, clay and plaster. My favorite material to use is watercolors. I love to paint and I hope that I can encourage others to enjoy this art medium too! I look forward to introducing you students to the world of art.

From about 5 years old, I knew that I liked to make art. It made me feel wonderful to give others something I had created. My somewhat official teaching career started at the tender age of 15, teaching 3 and 4 years olds how to fly by you skiing down the slopes. This is where my passion for teaching kids began. By the end of high school, I had made the decision that I wanted to teach art as a career. Art has helped me in so many ways and it is still something I practice in my everyday life. As we move into the Conceptual Age, art is not only important for people who choose to go into an art career, but for EVERYONE. Art is used by people in all kinds of jobs for all kinds of reasons. 

Having Art Education degrees from Kutztown University and PennState, I've taught both elementary and middle school art in the past, and will be teaching kindergarten through sixth grade. Besides art I have an array of hobbies from snowboarding to whitewater kayaking to spending time with my family.

Greetings to the Northampton Area School District students and parents. I teach elementary Art Education in grade levels kindergarten through sixth. I received my degrees from Edinboro State University and Kutztown University. My master's degree was from Kutztown University. My minors are in Art History and Communications Design. Teaching art is not only my vocation, but it is everything to me. Art is my voice and my inspiration. I hope it will become your avenue of expression at Moore Elementary.

I have an eye for detail, creative style, strong time managements skills, and an excellent ability to motivate others. My classroom is very student centered, giving the students an opportunity to make, create and have choices. Giving students an opportunity to make and experience art in a structured setting allows for them to strengthen their confidence and apply their learned skills for many real life connections. At any given time students are mastering how to mix colors, draw in one point perspective, crafting found art sculptures, painting landscapes and so much more!  

I have been teaching visual arts in public schools since 2007 and have taught in both inner city Washington D.C. and rural Pennsylvania classrooms. In my free time I love to run, cook great meals, go camping, and collect antiques!