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A Light Weight Cost-Effective Solution for Structural Measurements

The PiezoElectric Gravimeter (PEG) is a field disturbance sensor system that uses one or more piezoelectric elements, and takes a completely innovative approach towards utilization of the piezoelectric element; quantifying the gravitational effects on them. In this way, the piezoelectric elements can be used to precisely inject energy for exciting vibratory frequencies within the element and housing, enabling the element to be used for quantifying subsequently produced electrical output. The PEG is capable of measuring numerous types of physical quantities, such as thermal, magnetic, electrical, electromotive, electromagnetic, and electro-static fields; and provide static and structural information. Resultant characteristics are automatically quantified.

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Gravimeter Closeup Scale Graphic

Right: small package piezoelectric sensor used for quantifying gravitational forces with embedded circuitry;

Left: three piezoelectric shear elements weighed for gravitational measurement with embedded charge amplifier