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State-of-the-Art, High-Speed, High Dynamic Range Video Recording System

The HiDyRS-X imaging system leverage newly emerging algorithms being developed within the computational photography discipline combined with HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging to effectively increases a camera’s dynamic range and eliminates saturation. “Extreme HDR” was enabled by creating software algorithm for extreme dynamic range scene, that reads, processes, decomposes, and reconstructs the video data from the different cameras to develop the extreme HDR video. In this way, a specialized version of HDR imaging (use of multiple differently exposed input images for each extended-range output image. The outcome is creating highly parallelizable and computationally efficient High Dynamic Range (HDR) image compositing, reconstruction, and algorithms for processing HDR video, to capture “extreme HDR” events, like a rocket engine test.


        SSC first demonstrated the HiDyRS-X 
        high speed HDR video capability using a

        small test article.  The regular video (left)

        is overexposed due to the exhaust plume.

        The HDR video (right) clearly shows
        details of the plume, the cooling water,
        and the test facility.


HiDyRS-X QM-2 Camera System Image

HiDyRS-X QM-2 Camera System

The exhaust plume of the solid rocket motor is brighter than that of a liquid fueled rocket engine.  SSC and I2R created a four-camera system to compensate.

HiDyRS-X Graphic