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  • Improved seat performance over 
    a wide range of temperatures 

  • Simple seat design

  • Oxygen compatible soft goods

  • Soft seat ensures zero leakage


Provides a Tighter More Reliable Seal at Vast Temperature Ranges

The Cryogenic Cam Butterfly Valve (CCBV) is designed so that the disc rides on a cam shaft and is held rigid by a torsion spring, which provides both axial movement of the disc in addition to the standard 90 degree rotation of a standard butterfly valve. Because the valve’s disc can rotate and translate, it can hold a tighter seal, preventing leakage despite dimensional changes caused by changing operating temperatures.


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    The novel Cryogenic Cam Butterfly Valve(CCBV)

    design, functions like a  typical butterfly valve: the 

    handwheel is rotated to open or close the valve.  

    The CCBV has a preloaded torsion spring mounted 

    concentrically on the shaft with the spring legs against 

    the disc, and a pin to keep the disc coupled to the shaft.  

    The  torsion spring is preloaded with sufficient torque so 

    that the disc/shaft assembly acts like the disc is rigidly 

    pinned to the shaft.  All actuator and shaft rotation beyond 

    90 degrees translates the disc towards the body seat to 

    create a tighter seal, similar to how a globe valve functions.