NASA Platform for Autonomous Systems (NPAS)

Autonomous Operations Mission Development Suite Graphic

Autonomous Monitoring and Control of Rocket Test Systems

AOFlexSS is a software toolkit, which uses an expert systems software platform combined with a custom application integrated system for health management (ISHM) to develop autonomous monitoring and control systems, which can be geared towards a specific application. It executes control sequences after evaluating conditions, including health conditions of system elements involved in sequence executions. It is composed of a series of partitions that enhances the use of rapid-prototyping techniques during the development of a monitor and control platform for hardware systems (i.e. mechanical, electrical, hydraulic). The toolkit can provide information on the health of every element of the system, such as sensors, actuators, pipes, tanks, valves.  The toolkit combines autonomous sequence control, hardware component commanding and health monitoring in one application.  

Computer Monitoring of Tanks