About the Meeting

The inaugural annual meeting will offer opportunities for face-to-face interactions among the broader Earth Surface and Interior (ESI) community, sharing of ESI research highlights, information about upcoming missions, solicitations, and research opportunities, as well as training sessions and tutorials on key capabilities for the ESI community. The program will also include discussions to collect community input that could help inform future projects, campaigns, or funding opportunities.

The NASA Solid-Earth Team includes investigators funded by ESI and related NASA research programs, associated postdocs, graduate students and their advisors, and members of mission science teams working on topics relevant to ESI. Other researchers and program managers with an interest in ESI are also encouraged to attend. Current ESI principal investigators are expected to attend and travel costs will be supported. 

For NASA and JPL employees, this is a registered NASA conference under NCTS Code 38932-20. Please follow your center guidelines for obtaining travel approval.