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How Much is Enough?

Title: How Much is Enough?

Author: Patricia Keith-Spiegel and Gerald P. Koocher, Ethics in Psychology: Professional Standards and Cases, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995.


A researcher and study participants differ in opinion over what is a sufficient amount to pay prisoners for research participation.

Headings: Special Populations and Cultural Competence; Institutionalized populations; Voluntariness and Undue Influence in Recruitment; Financial incentives

Case Type: Illustrative

How Much is Enough?

Mimi DoGood, Psy.D., complained to a state legislature that prisoners were being subjected to poorly designed, dangerous experimentation procedures in return for three dollars a day. Ironically, the prisoners objected to her intervention by noting that the money was sufficient to keep them supplied with cigarettes, candy, and other small items that made a big difference in the quality of their daily lives.