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The N1 DCF:

The Narrative1 Discounted Cash Flow Analysis allows for a comprehensive and graphic expression of an investment from initial purchase to future resale. This analysis tool can handle both simple and complex cash flows and is ideal for properties with multiple leases, such as retail centers, office buildings, industrial property and apartment buildings. 


  • Lease-by-lease cash flow projections by tenant or unit type
    • Easily handle complex lease terms
    • Automatic roll-over to market terms when leases expire
    • Flexible holding periods 
  • Specific expense projections and reimbursements
    • Schedule reimbursements and tenant improvements
  • Cash flow detail and financial indicators, including
    • Before and after debt service cash flows
    • Internal rate of return
    • Implied capitalization rates
    • Equity dividend rates
    • Debt coverage ratio
    • Graphic results! Automatically view cash flow graphs and watch graphs update real-time. 
  • Integrate with MS Word and our Narrative1 report software.