Summer announcements

Instrument care

I know that some students will be playing a lot this summer, and others, for various reasons will not. A few words of caution regarding stored instruments:

  • Clean junk out of cases. Old reeds, dirty cleaning cloths, etc. can make for a stinky case in August. If your case is stinky, put the case (not the horn) in the summer sun for an afternoon. Wash cleaning swabs, clean out mouthpieces with warm (not hot) soapy water.

  • Brass instruments can be given a bath. There are a lot of links other than the one I posted- it would be smart to view a couple to make sure you understand all the steps. Flutes, clarinets, and saxes should NEVER get a bath except by an experienced tech.

  • Store instruments in an area of your home that is not damp or hot. Summer heat can cause a lot of woodwind problems, such as melted glue.

  • If your horn needs to go to the shop, it’s better not to wait until August when they are very busy with marching band work and beginner sales.

Supplies for next year:

7th grade: Essential Elements Book 2 and  Festival Ensembles Book 1. This ensemble book is a book for trio playing, but flexible enough to use for the full band. Percussionists can purchase both the mallet and drum book, but I have a couple of extra mallet books to loan if you just want to buy one. It is available at Stanton’s Sheet Music in Columbus-phone and internet orders are easy! Amazon orders took forever last year.

Seventh grade percussionists will need a few extra accessories.

  • yarn mallets ( such as Balter BB2)

  • timpani mallets (such as Vic Firth t1 General)

  • hard mallets (such as Balter BB11)

  • a stick/mallet bag (many varieties are available)

8th graders will still need a lyre and flip folder, so if yours is lost, please get a new one this summer. I am undecided about additional books for next year and will research options.

Live Music with Mr. Coon this summer

I’ll be playing a lot of shows with the Conspiracy Band this summer, so if you see me in the band at a wedding, be sure to come say hi! We’re also doing a number of public concerts around town this summer, here is a partial list:

  • June 1 at The Exchange in Dublin (post-Memorial Tournament party), 7PM

  • June 8 in Grove City at George Edge Park, 7PM

  • June 12 at the Grandview Library concert series, 7PM

  • July 4 Upper Arlington fireworks, Northam Park at 6PM

  • July 12 at Polaris Music Series, 6:30PM

Other live music- Mrs. Cohen is playing concerts with the amazing Brass Band of Columbus, and Mr. Falk will be leading the New Albany Winds this summer!

Camps and special events!

Otterbein Flute Day:

Info letter

Application form

OSU special events and summer opportunities

Info page 1

Info page 2


Capital University Winds and Percussion Camp

Blue Lake

Music for All/Yamaha/Ball State University


University of Dayton

Baldwin Wallace or call 440-826-2482.


Band families, please read the Band Handbook, print the first page to sign and return, and also read the "CHARMS" instructions. Contact info is needed for each 6th grader. Each 7th & 8th grader should login and to see if any info needs to be updated. Note: the Charms password necessary will be provided in class.

Email updates: