Life Skills Class : Daily Google Slides Presentation

Trip info
A few upcoming trip dates:

Sixth Grade Band has an upcoming trip to OSU on November 30. A quick form and fee return is requested.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands have a trip to the OSU Marching Band Youth Concert on November 16.  A quick form and fee return is requested.

King’s Island trip for 8th grade band is May 17, save the date! Plans and fees are still being finalized.o:

August Announcements
Band Handbook, shirt order form, and contact info update form for grades 6-8. Print, sign, and return page one ASAP.  You can print page six (concert dates) for your refrigerator.
Sixth Grade A/B schedule to print for your refrigerator
Baby Shark  Scroll to find your instrument part.

Emailed updates

Supplies for this year:

7th grade and 6th grade "Intermediate Level class": Essential Elements Book 2 and  Festival Ensembles Book 1. This ensemble book is a book for trio playing, but flexible enough to use for the full band. Percussionists can purchase both the mallet and drum book, but I have a couple of extra mallet books to loan if you just want to buy one. It is available at Stanton’s Sheet Music in Columbus-phone and internet orders are easy! Amazon orders took forever last year.

Seventh grade percussionists will need a few extra accessories.

  • yarn mallets ( such as Balter BB2)

  • timpani mallets (such as Vic Firth t1 General)

  • hard mallets (such as Balter BB11)

  • a stick/mallet bag (many varieties are available)

8th graders will still need a lyre and flip folder, so if yours is lost, please get a new one this summer. I am still considering options for a book to use later in the year.