MSPTO Volunteers


The New Albany Middle School PTO 

            The New Albany Middle School PTO is a volunteer organization made up of parents, teachers, and school administration who are all striving to bring quality education and exciting programs to our students and families. These efforts and any funds raised directly benefit the middle school students as well as our teachers.

              As the school year ends and we look toward next year, we are starting to look at filling the positions for next year’s PTO Board and committees. Below are the descriptions of the roles that need to be filled. If you are interested in a specific role or any role at all, please email your response to . After all the names have been turned in and the nominating committee has put together a slate, the Board will vote to approve it and we will publish the final results on our PTO website. The deadline for submission is March 19th.  Thank you for your consideration.

PTO Committees


 1.     Membership- responsible for recording all new memberships for the current school year. Levels of membership include Basic ($10),

Maroon ($25-$50) and Gold ($50+). Maroon and Gold levels require Thank-You notices.  Gold memberships will receive two complimentary Picasso’s Palette tickets. Any teacher-sponsored membership will earn a Thank-You as well. This is a one-month heavy commitment with duties decreasing as the school-year progresses.  (2 people needed)


2.     Welcome- responsible for co-coordinating volunteers for the PTO tables during Orientation. The information received during this time will be then passed on to the Membership Committee to be recorded. This is a two-day 4-6 hour commitment (each day) and may involve working with the Volunteer Coordinator.  (2-3 people needed)


3.     Hospitality- responsible for the Teacher Breakfast on the first day of school, the Holiday Luncheon and the quick lunch for teachers during the last week of school. This committee will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator for needed items. This commitment requires attendance at all three events as well as a few weeks of planning prior to each event. Each member of this committee will need to be available to set up and clean-up. (4 people needed)


 4.     Parent Education- responsible for working with the Guidance Department for such events as Coffee and Conversation and other speaker forums. This committee will order and transport coffee and/or doughnuts to each session.

This is an on-going responsibility throughout the year. (1 person needed)


  5.     8th Grade Lunch on the Lawn- responsible for organizing this one-time event. This will involve setting the date, planning the meal, and providing entertainment for the students. This committee may work with the Volunteer Coordinator to request parent volunteers. (1-3 people needed)


6.     Picasso’s Palette – responsible for organizing this major fundraiser held in the spring.  This will involve several planning sessions with School, Kitchen, and Maintenance Staff.  It will also involve ordering and picking up supplies as well as setting-up and cleaning-up on the day of the event.  This committee will also need to seek local donations for the Silent Auction and write Thank-You notes to all donors.  Volunteers will be necessary. This is a heavy commitment.  (2-3 people needed)


7.     Board of Education Rep. - responsible for attending School Board meetings and reporting any information relative to the PTO at the next PTO meeting.  This is a light role. (1 person needed)


8.     Secretary-   responsible for recording the meeting minutes and

                        General correspondence as directed by the President.

                 9.     Volunteer Coordinator- responsible for submitting volunteer requests to PTO members for PTO sponsored events as well as those occasions when teachers may need assistance.