The Digital Eagle as we knew has been reduced. Printing in color and large format is still available and use of MAC computers. Some technical help with Google, Schoology, printing, designing, video and photo editing etc. See Anne Blaha in the Lower Library. This site will remain as a reference. 

The Digital Eagle is your Partner in Project Based Learning.

Students at New Albany High School have the opportunity to utilize the Digital Eagle Innovation Center (formerly known as Kinko's) located in the lower rotunda of the library to work on special projects assigned by their teachers including Senior Seminar. 

Students must have a clear school related purpose which requires Digital Eagle resources and be productive when they are in the center.  
All students must have a project indicated on the project calendar and/or reservation form by their teacher. This will be required before a student can sign-in.  (Study center teacher must still sign agenda.) If a student wishes to work on a project that is not on the calendar in the facility like a resume, college portfolio, music project, or other special project they should see Mrs. Blaha for a pre-pass.

ase note: Students th
at wish to print in color should have their content authored and saved as a .pdf before they arrive.  Research and black and white printing should be done in the library or classrooms.
This is a quiet working environment.  Any student who does not follow these guidelines along with the district technology use policy, will be asked to leave and disciplinary action will be taken as necessary.

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