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Imports and Exports

Argentina is one of the main crop producing and exporting nations in the world. In fact, agriculture makes up 54% of Argentina's exports.Their main agricultural export is wheat, they are the world's 5th largest wheat exporter in the world. Argentina's other main agricultural exports include soybeans, maize, barley, rice, flax seed, sugarcane, cotton, citrus fruits, and grapes. Industrial goods accounted for 31% of their exports. most of this comes from cars and motor vehicle parts. Other areas of Argentina's industrial products include steel, aluminum, and chemicals. Argentina has a large amount of natural resources as well. Production of crude oil is about 818,000 barrels per day. they also have large deposits of coal. The largest of which is in Santa Cruz, which contains an estimated 552 million tons of coal.
Argentina's main imports include industrial supplies and machinery these account for over half of their imports. Other imports include consumer goods and transportation. Argentina's main trade partners include Brazil, U.S.A., Chile, China, and Germany. Argentina became a large importer of goods, which caused them to fall to a $115 billion foreign debt.