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Life Science Websites:

Biome Sites:



Food Webs and Chains:

Symbiotic Relationships:
Introduction into Symbiotic Relationships

Biodiversity and Invasive Species:
Fishing in the US-graphing data

Environment Problems and Solutions:
Endangered/Threatened Speices
World Wildlife Organization
Arkive for endangered animals

Human Ear in 360 degrees
Invention for Sign Language
Refraction of Light Simulation-Bending Light
Salt vibrations and Frequency
Properties of sound
Sound and Pitch
Sound invention by students
Review of sound concepts

Natural Resources: 
Natural Resources for Kids Energy

Chemistry and Thermal Energy: 
Thermal Energy Application by NASA
Thermal Energy RAP

Solar System:

Planet Websites: 
1. Planet Earth and Song for Seasons
2. Planets by coolcosmos
3. General research page for kids from NASA
4. Interactive Planet website for information. Be prepared to take notes as you go through the site researching!
5. Space images for students on planets
6. Pictures of planets
7. How to get to Mars
8. Planet Missions
9. Planet information
10. National Geographic Solar System
12. Planet comparisons in Size to object in Universe
22. Planets and Dwarf Planets
23. More on Dwarf Planets
25. Enchanted Learning Planets

Mars Sites:
Mars 1Mars 1
All about Mars in National Geographic
Mars by kids in space
Space Suits for Kids (If site does not load, go to files and handouts for the article.)
Science News-What to wear? 

Layers of the earth

Assistance in Technology

Chesapeake Bay and Keeping it safe

Known Moons To Scale
America's Most Wanted Species

Invasive Plants and Animals

Sun and Moon

Mixing air animation
Model of weather

Food chains and Webs

Food Chains and Webs in Ecosystems

YouTube Video

More videos from PBS on Jean-Michel Cousteau: the Ocean

Weird Planets

Physical Science:

Newton's Laws of Motion
Physics Sims
Catapults for Building
Easy Catapults for Kids
Flight School Simulation
Simple Machines: 

Physical Properties of Matter

Cells and Microscopic Structures
Bill Nye Cells
Cells Alive-Models for Plants and Animals
Scale of a Cell to a coffee bean
3-D Cell for IPAD
Types of Cells: Bacteria vs. Animal Cells
Organ Systems for Kids

Science Fair Guidelines
Planet Earth:
Journey to the Center of the Earth:
Check out this website to learn more about the earth and its history.
Weather v. Climate
Climates and Weather:
Climate change part 1
Climate change part 2
NOAA Student Page for Games on Climate and Weather
History of Weather in Areas of the Earth
Technology use for Natural Resources
Climate Map Interactive from National Geographic
Severe Weather: Blizzards, Monsoons, Hurricanes, and Tornados
Blizzards and 10 safety steps to take
General Weather Preparedness
Weather: El Nino and La Nina and more on these ideas
General information on Floods and Monsoons
History of Monsoons and their damage:  Monsoon Information

What is a hurricane?
Hurricane SurvivalHurricane Survival

Tornado and Forces of nature
Natural Disasters: Drought and Earthquakes
Personal reflections of the History of Drought
Drought Mapping Information
More Drought Information
Drought video and information
Story of Drought (video link)
Drought Prevention
Drought Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters
Natural Disaster Video Clips 101

Learn more about earthquakes and forces of  nature here:
2. Movie about earthquake proofing buildings
3. Pictures of earthquake damage
4. Movie clip of earthquakes caught on tape
5. Pictures of earthquakes
9. What is an earthquake? 
11. Earthquakes National Geographic Video
Other forces of nature pictures: click on this link.

More Natural Disasters
Pictures of Natural Disasters

Stars and the Sun
Introduction of the Sun
Website for pictures on space/galaxies.
The Moon:
Check out the Lunar Eclipse information for December 21 sent by NASA

General Websites: 
Subpages (1): Wetland Pictures