AP Statistics Year-End Project (Non-Seniors)
    You'll present your project during our exam period.

    Email sent 5/17/18
    Congratulations!!  I hope you did as well on the exam as you worked and prepared to do.  I am proud of your effort and excited to see your results.

    As we wrap up the year, here are a few notes:
    • Post Exam Survey-Click HERE.  Please complete before the end of class on Friday 5/18/18.
    • Review and Solutions Books: These are the pink/red/blue books (See the image below).  There are TWO of them, the questions book and the solutions manual.  Please return them to your mailboxes ASAP.  I will be inventorying them from there very soon.
    • Textbooks: Seniors, return them to me ASAP.  Non-seniors, you may return them to me as you deem necessary depending on what year-end project you pick. (See below for details on that)
    • Ch. 12 Points Back/Homework: If you have not shown me already, I need to see your 12.1 B/C Worksheet, 12.2 B/C Worksheet and your Ch. 12 Practice Test.  I need something to base your Ch. 12 points back on.
    • Year-End Project: We'll discuss this more in class Friday, but link here if you're interested in what's coming up.  You'll present your projects during your exam period.  It will be a 50 point Q4 grade.  
    Mr. McNichols