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2nd quarter grading period HOMEWORK:
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Word Association w/ Parts of Speech

Using Vocab Words in Sentences


 Parts of Speech

Rewards- Writing

Elements of Literature: The Amigo Brothers


 Vocab Words

choose, chose, chosen, criticize, choir, consequence, candidate, cyclical conscious,consicence, caesar

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Review: Types of Nouns

Quickwrite: New Year's Resolutions

New Vocab 

 Quickwrite:  Resolving Issues with Family Members




12/14/09    12/15/09  12/16/09 12/17/09  12/18/09 

Quickwrite:Cultural Celebrations

Sequencing Events of Stories

Quickwrite: Winter            



Reflections on 2009 


Quickwrite: Bullying

Special Guests for Lunch

Spelling Quiz (Theatre Vocabulary)

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Dress Rehearsal at the McCoy



Final Run-Throughs





11/30/09    12/01/09  12/02/09  12/03/09  12/04/09 

Auditions for Reader's Theatre

Original Myth script

QuickWrite HW:

The 1st Thanksgiving


Read-through script with actors and chorus

HW:  Create-a-Cookie 

Vocab Words - Theatre (both sides of handout)

Practice going through scripts

Critique - offering constructive comments to other groups' performances

HW: Write down 3 ideas (popular culture) to add to the script to make it more entertaining


11/23/09    11/24/09  11/25/09  11/26/09  11/27/09 

The Flight of Icarus

Helping Verbs

Quick Write:  Recycle

HW: new vocabulary on index cards w/ definitions

What makes up the plot?

Identifying i) Exposition, ii) Rising Actions, iii) Climax, iv) Falling Action, v) Resolution

HW:  Complete Greek/Roman God chart            

 NO SCHOOL        



 11/09/09    11/10/09  11/11/09  11/12/09  11/13/09 

read and re-enact the myth of Orpheus

Quick Write:  Music

HW: new vocabulary on index cards w/ definitions

Hercules / Herakles

(read myth and compare to comic strip version)

HW:  finish "The Labors of Hercules" Quickwrite and fill-in-blank vocab words


go see matinee performance of Oliver!

discussion regarding musical

Work with other classes on original myth

More Myths:

Ariadne (play)

Medusa (short story)

HW:  QuickWrite: Veterans Day & study spelling/vocab words

More Myths:

Arachne                          (short story and video)

King Midas -             plotting the plot

1st quarter grading period HOMEWORK: 
 11/02/09    11/03/09  11/04/09  11/05/09  11/06/09 

Introduction to Mythology

"Why Study Mythology?" packet

Quick Write:  Making Sandwiches

HW:  New spelling/vocab chart

Quick Write: Election Day

The Uses of Mythology (textbook)

HW: Research your god/goddess... complete handout

Mt. Olympus 

Origin of the Seasons -myth

HW: Draw illustration to represent aspect of myth

Echo and Narcissus

Quick-Write:  narcissism

HW:  Explore the "Winged Sandals" website; linked above


Pandora's Box myth

HW:  none

Have a good weekend!


 10/26/09    10/27/09  10/28/09  10/29/09  10/30/09 

Review Prepositions and Phrases (new vocab words)

Quick Write:  Helping Others

In-class --> work on character collage

Finish final versions of poem, collage, and scavenger hunt essays

Using Variety in Sentences

Quick Write:  Creative short story using prepositions

Students wrote "Thank You" letters to Mrs. NIckels


watching The Outsiders

(with Mrs. May's class)

Spelling test

Quick Write: The Outsiders --Compare/contrast book/movie 

Scary story in the library with Mrs. Remy

 10/19/09    10/20/09  10/21/09  10/22/09  10/23/09 

Read/Answer questions for Ch. 9/10 Study Guide

Quick-Write / New Vocabulary

Extra-credit:                            Star-Spangled Banner

HW: work not finished in class

Finished reading the novel in class.

Fact vs. Opinion in The Outsiders

HW: finish back of handout sheet; study vocab words

Quick Write: Cake and Ice Cream

Reading Comprehension Questions (in-class)

HW:  Finish character chart & complete The Outsiders study guide if not finished in class

Using Vocabulary Words in sentences

Go over Study Guide

HW: Finish rough draft poem

New: Prepositions

Quick Write: Nuts

Type final poem

Questions for S.E. Hinton


 10/12/09    10/13/09  10/14/09  10/15/09  10/16/09 

New vocabulary; using dictionaries

Choose one of your list of Adjective-Noun-Verb-Adverbs to illustrate

HW: work not finished in class

In-class: reading Chapter 8 of The Outsiders and complete sections on Study Guide

HW:  Parts of Speech review sheet

Study for TEST on noun, verb, adjective, and adverbs





Spelling /Vocab Quiz


Grammar Test


(No School)


HW: none

 10/5/09    10/6/09  10/7/09  10/8/09  10/9/09 

New vocab

finish Chapter 6 Study Guide in The Outsiders

HW: Complete study guide thru Ch. 6 

In-class: reading Chapter 7 of The Outsiders and complete sections on Study Guide

HW:  illustrate adverb on index card

in-class:  Practice OAT-Reading Test


HW:  none


Benchmark Assessments - Brigance

HW:  study for spelling test tomorrow

Spelling/Vocab Test

Continue reading The Outsiders in-class

HW: noneJ

 9/29/09     9/30/09     10/1/09  10/2/09

HW: bring in magazine by Friday

~ finish Chapter 5 in novel (quiz?)

~ complete new vocab sheet

HW: assign character poem, collage, and/or poster projects

(choose 2 out of 3 projects due next week!)

~finish Chapter 6 in novel

HW: read through Chap. 5

~ work on projects

~ study for spelling vocab test


~ continue working on projects

have a good weekend ;-)

in-class activities:
Daily Writing Prompts
Weekly Vocabulary Words with activities
Identifying Parts of Speech
Building Reading Fluency and Comprehension
Projects - Scavenger Hunt, All About Me, Character Collage
Literary Elements in Fictional Novel: The Outsiders
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