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What are Naples students doing with the iPads?
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Animating, Collaborating, Visual Storytelling

High School - Cut Paper Animation

Researching,Thinking, Speaking, Creating

Seventh Grade: Andrew Jackson
Seventh Grade: Internet Then & Now

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Blogging: Writing, Reading, Collaborating
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Seventh Grade: Social Studies 7-1 
Seventh Grade: Social Studies 7-2
Seventh Grade: Social Studies 7-8
Seventh Grade: English 3rd

Eleventh Grade: English 11-3 
Eleventh Grade: English 11-4
Eleventh Grade: English 11-5 

                                                                     Mid-Elementary: English & Science

Practicing Reading Fluency, Script Writing, Producing

Enrichment Project #1 
Kindergarten: Enrichment Project #2

First Grade: Enrichment Project #1
First Grade: Enrichment Project #2
First Grade: Enrichment Project #3


Image credits:  Google images

Photographing, Recognizing Shapes

Practicing Writing & Speaking Fluency

First Grade: Mother's Day Card

Creating Commercials for School Business

Middle School Success Strategies class: Marketing Go-Go Coffee

Reading, Sequencing, Animating, Producing

Sixth Grade Book Trailer: 

 Sixth Grade Book Trailer: 

Sunrise Over Fallujah

Spelling, Designing, Writing, Speaking, Recording

Elementary Special Ed: Spelling with PicCollage

Elementary Special Ed: Poetry on StoryKit
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Elementary Special Ed:  Video on Reading Fluency