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From the Office of the Rapier Marshall

The Namron Baronial Rapier Marshall is responsible for ensuring the safe conduct of rapier practice, submitting monthly reports and help new/inexperienced fighters. The Baronies of Namron and Wiesenfeuer hold joint rapier practice on Tuesday evenings @ 7PM.
For new and inexperienced fighters we also give classes on Tuesdays. The Tuesday class focus' on the mechanics of fencing (with rapier) and the basics of footwork, defense and offense. I also invite experienced fencers to help train new fencers.

What is Rapier?
In particular a rapier is a type of light, one-handed sword originally carried for civil defense. The term rapier is believed to have first been used in the late 15th Century, but the weapons known as rapiers were in wide spread use from the 15th through 17th centuries.

As firearms became more common, and armor less affective against them, a need for speed in an engagement made the rapier a natural choice. A rapier generally consists of a 1 1/4 inch wide blade with quillions and a one-handed hilt. While the blade changed little during it's time, the rapier's hilt went through many changes. Hilts were gradually enhanced with swept basket, bells and improved quilions, all of which protected the fencer's hand.

The use of the rapier remains the worlds most studied style of swordsmanship. Rapier combat is best known for it's lightning fast moves and highly accurate attacks. In the SCA, rapier combat is recognized in almost all kingdoms. The rules of engagement vary slightly from kingdom to kingdom but the basic art remains the same.

In our local kingdom, Ansteorra, we recognize two types of rapier, light (epee) and heavy (schlager). To participate in rapier practices you must own or borrow the proper safety equipment, have it inspected and sign a waiver. To participate in tournaments you must be authorized by an authorizing marshal.

What you will need at your first practice

Between the 2 local baronies we have plenty of loaner gear. You will still need to follow a few clothing rules and bring at least one piece of equipment. Rapier combat IS A FULL CONTACT SPORT. So, drink plenty of water before practice and ask your doctor about any medical conditions. Wear long pants that fit loosely, a good set of sneakers and have a long sleeve shirt handy that covers all the way to your wrists. Men must bring their own athletic cup with jock supporter.

Well, how do I get to practice?
For the most current contact information, directions and times please look at the Local Activities page.

For copies of the rules or information about other groups in the kingdom you can goto http://rapier.ansteorra.org/.