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Norman Populace Feb 2018

posted Feb 1, 2018, 8:45 PM by Webminister of Namron

Barony of Namron - Populace Meeting
Officer Reports
 Her Highness Margherita
o She is looking forward to seeing people at future events.
 Their Excellencies – H.E. Andrew Turnbull and H.E. Kyna Terricsdottir (mka Andy and Kylie Steely) and
o Gulf Wars, March 10-18
 Namron will have a group camp.
 Thank you to Lady Arianna for volunteering to be our “camp mom” – be on
the lookout for ways to help with camp chores, etc.
 Thank you to TE’s Orlando and Caterina on volunteering to cook for the
camp for the week. Be on the lookout for meal prices, etc.
 Online preregistration closes February 14, 2018. Go to for more information!
o Med Fair: Think of how you can help!
o Winterkingdom and Sable Soldier: Thank you to those that traveled to these
events. They were lots of fun!
o Provencial Games is coming up on February 3rd. This will be the last chance to
authorize before Gulf Wars. TE’s may have space in the car if you need a ride.
o Kingdom A&S and Eisteddfod is February 10th: Good luck to those competing.
His Excellency is traveling down Friday night and coming back Saturday and may
have room in his car.
o Skorragardr will be painting their new pavilion this coming summer. The Barony’s
workdays will likely take place in Skorrgardr to help with the painting. If you have
ideas for the design on the pavilion, please submit them to Skorrgardr’s
seneschal, Maura.
 Seneschal – Lady Uliana Haiduk (mka Julia Haiduk)
o Open Offices:
 New Herald: Lord Captain Savage (mka Ryan Landers).
 MOC office is open.
o Polling Announcements
 Thursday, February 8, 2018: All absentee polls are due by email to
kingdom seneschal ( All commentary is due to
Crown and Heirs (,
 If anyone needs an absentee polling form, please email as soon as possible.
o Award Recs
 Event season is gearing up. This is a great time to turn in award
o Beltane Tavern Bids
 Beltane is May 4-6 at Camp Dakani in OKC.
 We are looking for bids that include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
 Bids are due by April’s populace meeting.
 There will not be a kitchen or kitchenette available, but there is power and
 We are limiting the site/event to the one tavern food vendor, but may allow
fundraiser type bake sale.
 Please see the end of the meeting minutes for an example of the
information we need included in the bid.
 Feel free to include recipes or any additional information that might help
your bid stand out.
o Round Table
 2018 is the Year of Recruitment!
 Remember to turn in waivers. If everyone has a blue card, turn in a waiver
that says “all blue cards”.
 Regional practices are treated like a local practice and have the same
officer and waiver requirements.
 Officers – be sure to copy the seneschal and landeds on your reports.
o Email
 Namron Email List Subscription
 Fill out the “Subscribing to Namron” portion.
 If you don’t get notification of being added to the list within a few days,
please send the seneschal or webminister an email and we can go in and
approve it.
 There is a question “Would you like to receive the list mail batched in a
daily digest?” This will delay your messages and send them all together,
once a day. Depending on when reminders or cancellations are sent, you
may not see them until the next day.
 To post a message to all the list members, send email to The email system does not automatically let
you send announcements. They have to be reviewed and approved by an
admin. Please only send an attachment if you need to and llet the
seneschal know if you are going to be sending an email with an
o Next Business Meeting (2/15, 7:30 pm, Natural Grocers in Norman)
 Financial policy and budget discussion.
 Officer summary sheets discussion
 Treasurer – H.E. Adena Terricsdottir (mka Adena Hudson)
o Please be sure to turn in receipts and cash checks as soon as you get them.
o $13,628.66 in the bank as of the beginning of January.
o Next business meeting: financial state of the barony – end of year report,
budgets and allocated money.
 Herald – Lord Captain Savage (mka Ryan Landers)
o Welcome to our new herald!
o Villana is going to be the deputy arms and names. Contact her for help with
o Updating the order of precedence for the barony.
 Chronicler – Lord Diarmuid Map Brain (mka Jeremy Metz),
o Let Diarmuid know if you have any submissions for the Plume!
 Submit pictures, recipes, poems, recipes, etc.
 Arts and Sciences - Lady Kjalvor Saebjarnardottir (mka Teka Englandy)
o I’d also love to start gathering volunteers up to do classes at occasional Monday
A&S’s again, so if you’re interested, let me know. Don’t feel like it has to be an
entirely fleshed-out class at this point either-if you want to use folks in the Barony 
to trial-run a class I’d be happy to help run a constructive feedback session
afterwards and/or to help you put the class together to start with.
o I’d like to know what I can do to help everyone A&S better (or at least more to
their liking.) If you’ve got suggestions or comments (again, of the constructive
variety) feel free to let me know.
o Contact Teka if you are willing to teach or help people with the arts.
o Kingdom A&S – February 9th
 Webminister - Yancy Alfsson (mka Yancy Hoyle)
o The Webminister is wanting to add a more detailed baronial history including
stories, etc. to the website. If you have information that can be included, please
talk to Yancy.
 Hospitaler – Kolfinna Egilsdottir (mka Kara Hoyle)
o The Lending Library is open. Please contact Kolfinna if you would like to check
out any resources.
o Working with the seneschal’s office on a recruitment and retention plan. A priority
of the Kingdom for 2018 is retention and recruitment. She will be posting a
survey. It is completely anonymous and will help with recruitment and retention.
 Rapier Marshall – Christina of Namron (mka Rebekah Valencia) –
o New location! Practices Tuesdays Frontline Church 7pm. Free practices with
pass the hat style donation for the facility. New address: 737 SE 89th St. in OKC.
 Knights Marshall – Lord Steinarr Bjarnson (mka Gary Amen)
o Practices Wednesdays 6:30 pm at Sellers Center in OKC.
o Youth practice is hosted by Wiesenfeuer Wednesdays from 7-8 pm at Sellers
Center in OKC.
o Gulf Wars is coming up. Will have siege and combat archery authorizations at
northern regional practice. February 25th in Northkeep.
 Minister of Children – OPEN OFFICE,
o OPEN OFFICE. This position is currently accepting applications. Applications will
be open until one is received and then a closing date will be announced.
 Archery Marshall - H.L. Cian Rhys Gravenor (mka Cecil Hudson)
o Archery practice is Sundays from noon-3pm at 4200 E. Franklin in Norman. All
ages are welcome and there is loaner equipment. Be sure to check Facebook to
make sure practice is happening because it is often canceled due to event
schedules and weather.
 Thrown Weapons Marshall – Lord Captain Savage (mka Ryan Landers),
o Practice is Sundays from noon-3pm at 4200 E. Franklin in Norman. All ages are
welcome and there is loaner equipment. Be sure to check Facebook to make
sure practice is happening because it is often canceled due to event schedules
and weather.
 Oak Springs
o No report.
 Skorragardr – Maura, Seneschal of the Canton of Skorragardr
o There are several open offices in the group. Talk to Maura if you are interested in
seeing what opportunities are available.
o Pop meeting and officer’s meeting will be the 2nd Sunday of February.
o Watch Facebook and email list date for Leather and Lace
o Taking bids for autocrats for Axeman.
o Still accepting bids for pavilion art. Due April 1st. It is 18 x 24 with a high peak.
Other Business
 Norman Medieval Fair – HE Caterina
o Norman Medieval Fair is April 6-8 at Reeves Park in Norman.
o Demo Stewards: Honorable HE Caterina and Lady Rebekah
o Still needing a hospitality tent coordinator. We have the restriction this year for
store bought food (sandwiches, chips, cookies, etc.). This position may have
been filled during the meeting.
o Next planning meeting Monday February 26th at 7pm at West Wind.
 Beltane 2018 – Lady Christina (Styken)
o Beltane will be May 4-6
th at Camp Dakani in OKC.
o Event Stewards: Lady Christina (Stynken) and Honorable Lady Villana
o The event will have a hint of a Star Wars them (May the 4th be with you), but will
keep a definite medieval feel.
o If you are interested in helping with the event, there is a Facebook planning
group you can join. Let Stynken know if you need help finding the group.
o They are still in need of volunteers: site poster coordinator, herald, games
coordinator, revel coordinator.
o Next planning meeting Monday February 5th, 7:30 pm at the West Wind Unitarian
o List of volunteers needed is on the Facebook planning group.
 Gulf Wars
o Camp Mom Ari: Camp fees are $10 for adults, $5 for kids cover trash bags,
propane, etc. Ari is collecting the fees.
o Land Dad Donnchadh: Be sure to preregister with Gulf Wars and sign up with
Namron Land Registration ( to be sure you have a
place to camp. If you have questions about land, please see Donnchadh.
o Food Coordinators Orlando and Caterina: Serving lunches ($4 each) and dinners
($6 each). Purchase by the meal. Must purchase a minimum of 1 week prior to
war. For more information on meal plan and to sign up:
 Med Fair – Ann Marie
o Next week’s lecture: Conversion to Judaism in 17th
-Century Amsterdam: The
Tragic Story of Uriel Da Costa, Thursday February 8th, 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm at the
Norman Public Library West, 300 Norman Center
o She has posters and brochures for fair. Be sure to ask before posting!
 Kingdom Fiber Arts Symposium – Lady Emma
o June 30th Duncan, OK
o Looking for all forms of classes, including crossovers to archery, fighting, etc.!
 Kingdom Gift Baskets – HE Kyna
o Looking for donations for Calontir gift basket (for TM’s Calontir).
o Looking for donations for Gulf War basket (TM’s An Tir), looking for food items as
well. Ideally would like the Friday before Gulf Wars.
o Please include a card with your names, etc.
Open Offices
 Please let the seneschal or Their Excellencies know if you have any questions on
applying for an office.
o Minister of Children (ongoing)
Upcoming Events
 February
o 2/3 Provencial Games (Stillwater, OK)
o 2//2-2/4 Candlemas (?)
o 2/9-2/11 Kingdom A&S and Eisteddfod (Bonwicke)
o 2/16-2/18 War College (Huntsville, TX)
o 2/23-2/25 Bjornsborg Enclave of Artisans and Ruffians (La Vernia, TX)
o 2/23-2/25 Emerald Tournament (Waco, TX)
 March
o 3/9-3/11 Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium (Plymouth Meeting,
o 3/10-3/18 Gulf Wars (Lumberton, MS)
o 3/30-4/1 Commanders Crucible
o 3/30-4/1 Eldern Baronial
 Upcoming
o 4/6-4/8 Norman Medieval Fair (Reeves Park, Norman, OK)
o 4/14 Coronation
o 4/20-4/22 Wiesenfeuer Baronial
o 5/4-5/6 Beltane (Camp Dakani, OKC)

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