Sample Polling Form

Sample Polling Form
Opinion Polling: Barony of Namron Landed Nobility

Results of this opinion poll will be shared only with the Kingdom Seneschal, the Crown, and the Coronet.
The results of this baronial opinion poll will not be made public. This is the norm for opinion polls
conducted in Ansteorra. Please understand that this poll is a measure of your opinions, not a “vote.” The
Crown alone makes the decision, in consultation with their Heirs.

The following candidates have declared their intent to run for the position of Landed Nobility of the Barony
of Namron. Please rank each couple or candidate in order with 1 being your first choice. Remember that
the final decision rests with Their Majesties.

Candidates Rank (with 1 being your first choice)

  •  Andrew Turnbull and Kyna Terricsdottir
    Gaelan Garrett and Brenna (ravon) Garrett
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